Camila Alves’ Rough Third Pregnancy Shows Each One Can Be Different


camila alvesWhile we were all busy admiring how amazing Matthew McConaughey's Brazilian model wife Camila Alves looked while pregnant, she was struggling through a truly awful pregnancy. Yesterday on The View, Camila revealed she had a really tough pregnancy that resulted in a c-section. Little Livingston, the couple's third child, did not make things very easy for his mama.

Who knew? She always looked so radiant. But she says her pregnancy was riddled with strange pains the doctors couldn't explain. "Throughout the whole pregnancy, I had really strong pains and I kept telling the doctors. We kept trying to figure out what it was, what was happening. Nobody could figure out what it was." Yikes, that sounds terrifying!

Camila goes on to say that while she was in the middle of her c-section, she told her doctors, "'Once I'm there, just take a look because I know something's wrong.' They ended up finding all kinds of things in there that we had to take care of." Good Lord! I guess this just proves once again, we "know" when something is wrong with our pregnancy. Good thing Camila kept speaking up.

Camila doesn't elaborate on what those "all kinds of things" were. But I kind of wish she would. It might help other women with the same problem. It's often helpful when celebs bring attention to medical issues.

Meanwhile, Camila is still recovering from her c-section and her mysterious "extra procedures." Three months later! "I can't even pick up my kids, really. I really have to be careful. I've got another four weeks to go." I guess her quarentena, the traditional 40-day break Brazilian moms take to heal, has extended far beyond those 40 days.

Here's the thing that surprises me, though. This is Camila's third baby, and as far as we know, there weren't any problems with the first two. Camila started her pregnancy so healthy, and she's still very young. Isn't it supposed to get easier? I think problems in your first pregnancy can indicate you'll have problems with subsequent pregnancies. But Camila proves that just because your first two pregnancies are simple and easy doesn't mean your next pregnancy will be.

Have you had strange pains during your pregnancy that your doctor couldn't explain?


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marip... mariposa21

it's QUARENTENA, not quarenta. 

nonmember avatar eee77

I didn't have any strange pains during any of my pregnancies. I just wanted to add that although previous pregnancies had no problems doesn't mean that you won't in subsequent ones. I have four children, the first three were easy no problems, nothing. My fourth, went pretty smoothly until I hit 35 weeks, baby went breech, had a scare of preterm later a few days after he went breech, he never got back into position and then finally at 38 weeks I had an U/S to figure out where he was and it was discovered that I had complete placenta previa and delivered two days later by c-section. Just goes to show every pregnancy is different.

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