Kate Middleton's Rumored Baby Name Is Fit for a Queen

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Kate MiddletonTalk about a spoiler! First, we learned that Kate Middleton and Prince William are apparently having a girl, if Kate's "I will take it for my d --" slip is any indication. There's just no way to make the "duh" sound and mean "boy" or "son" or "prince" or "male heir to the throne." But now a tabloid, one that's usually pretty reliable, has come out with the spoiler to end all spoilers. It's reporting that it knows what Kate and Wills are most likely going to name their little "d." And if you don't want to know, then don't read ahead. And also get off the grid entirely until July because there's no way you're not going to run across this rumored name at some point. Ready?

US Weekly is reporting that the baby's name is ...

But first I want to mention that I came up with a baby name list for Kate and Wills awhile ago. And this name is on the list. Not only the first name, but the second and third names. (You know those royals. They're big on the long names.) So, kudos to ME for being so in tune with royal baby names! Anyway, as I was saying, the name is ...

I'm not totally sure how I feel about the name but -- okay, okay. I'll get to it. Sheesh. Impatient much?

Elizabeth Diana Carole!

Tah-dum! There you have it, folks. THE NEXT ROYAL BABY NAME! I mean, supposedly. According to rumor. Anyway, here's what the name signifies:

Elizabeth is named after William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (duh). And Elizabeth is also William's great-grandmother, the Queen Mother. The royal line may not necessarily need yet another Elizabeth, but hey, when your grandmother-in-law is the Queen, you want to keep in her good graces, ya know? At least more so than Diana did. Speaking of which ...

Diana is, of course, Prince William's late mother, Princess Diana.

And Carole is the Duchess' mother. Her middle name is also Elizabeth.

You can't really go wrong with the name Elizabeth Diana Carole, though, yeah, it's a tad predictable. On the other hand, no one can really object to it. (You know how family can be!) But maybe they'll call her Diana. Or Lizzy Di. Or something.

What do you think of this name?

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Lou Rene Hatfield

I posted my input on what i thought the name should be I said " Diana Elizaabeth Carole phillipe", in honor of princess diana, queen elizabeth, kates mom and sister, i like the name i picked a lot better !!!


Daveigh Addams

I sincrely doubt they'd be cool with them naming her Diana. How about something not super common and overused in England and the Royal Family? I swear if I hear of another royal with the names already in use I'll scream. Prince Charles picked 'Zara' for his niece. Different, Pretty. Why don't they go down that route. How about Madison, Addison, Madelyne, Renee, Michaela. Yes all common-ish name but not as common as Henry, Catherine, Elizabeth etc

nonmember avatar Melissa

How dare you say that Diana wasn't in the Queens Good Graces. Diana bent over backwards for those people. Everything she did was for the best of her family. They were the ones that treated her badly. You need to publish an Apology.

Adrienne Tulp

Try this: Charlotte Isabella Diana Caroline...?

nonmember avatar princassdrea

The little D could be little Dude. Hello how many women seriously don't kind of give their baby a nickname. I am not one to use Dude but when I was pregnant I'd call my baby a little Dude when I would talk to him. Its possible its not a daughter.

nonmember avatar Genny

I think that if the baby is a girl they should name her Victoria Catherine Spencer

Marmee Heikkila

What ever they pick. It's their baby.

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