30 Irish Baby Names Any Kid Would Be Lucky to Get

Kiss Me I'm irish Baby'Tis the season when Irish eyes are smiling extra bright, as much of the world gets ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's a fun and festive holiday for all to celebrate no matter your nationality, and that's kind of the way it is with Irish baby names too. There are so many great ones, they can provide inspiration for anyone.

So if you're passing on the green beer this year because of the wee little one you have on the way, don't pass up the opportunity to consider some amazing names that come from the Emerald Isle. Here are 30 of my favorites.


1. Aoife (pronounced: ee + fa)

2. Annabella

3. Aisling

4. Fiona

5. Cordelia (My favorite!)

6. Cara

7. Delaney

8. Rowan

9. Nessa

10. Siobhan (pronounced: shiv + awn)

11. Clodagh (pronounced: clo + da)

12. Iona

13. Niamh (pronounced: neev)

14. Nora

15. Maeve

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1. Nolan (My son's name)

2. Lucky

3. Cedric

4. Declan

5. Dempsey

6. Trystan

7. Desmond

8. Graham

9. Ryan

10. Riordan

11. Cian (pronounced: key + in)

12. McCourt

13. Art

14. Bartley

15. Colman

Which are your favorite Irish baby names?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Any name that requires a pronunciaion guide is probably a no.

kelti... kelticmom

Does that include yours "kaerae"? Hmm, food for thought. I'm Irish, so I love all the names. I want to name my next baby, if its a girl,"Ceilidh", (Kay-lee), which is an Irish gathering of dance/music. My son's middle name is Ceirin. Why do you have to choose from generic, homogenized names just because you live in America? Embrace your culture!

mysti... mystic910

My daughter is Caileigh (Irish and French) pronounced Kay lee as well. I'm Irish the hubs is French and Leigh is my middle name. It just made sense to us.

Meghan Roark

My son's name is Conall. We love it!

mellynnf mellynnf

My oldest son's name is Keegan which has Irish and Gaelic origins. It means little fiery one and suits his personality perfectly!

nonmember avatar Farrell

We have Keegan and Finnegan.

jlm2676 jlm2676

My dds name is Teigan and ds's name is Shamus Ryan.

Dhs family is Irish and we wanted to give our kids Irish (Celtic) names to go with the last name.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

I absolutely LOVE the name Fiona.

caral... caralicious

Cara is not by any means lucky you will spend your entire life being called Karen Carol Cora and even Sarah by the truly stupid people

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