There's a New Duggar Baby on the Way & It's the Perfect Time (VIDEO)

duggarsThere's another Duggar baby on the way, folks. This time it's a grandchild. Or, you know, a regular child, depending on who you ask. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest son, Josh, and his wife, Anna, announced Monday on Today that they're expecting baby number three. The couple, who have been married almost five years, are already parents to a 3-year-old daughter, Mackynzie Renee, and a 1-year-old son, Michael James. Baby number tres is due June 7, and well, I think this is just dandy, don't you?

There seems to be a divide in the parenting community (I know, shocker!) on whether it's better to have kids closer in age or to space them out a few years. I truly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all for anything parent/child-related, as everyone is different, but I do see the perks of having kids close in age.

For one, everything's fresh in your mind still. I've had friends with 4-year-olds talk about how they're nervous to get pregnant again, because they feel like they've forgotten everything. I mean, I'm sure nobody wants three consecutive years of not getting an uninterrupted night's sleep, but better to bang it out in one clump ... um, right?

Two, you probably haven't packed everything up and shipped it off to storage and/or gotten rid of everything if you've had a child in the last two years. I mean, my kid has been out of her rocker thingie for months now, but it's still sitting out in the basement as if we use it every day.

And three, your kids will be close in age. Real close. My sister and I are four years apart, and while we're tight, not gonna lie -- always kind of wished we got to go to school together. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Are your kids close in age?


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craft... craftycatVT

It's not that they're trying to get done with having their kids fast; they're religion tells them to have as many as possible. Michelle had one kid after another, but since she kept going for 18+ years, some are really far apart agewise.

bills... billsfan1104

Crafty, their religion does not tell them that

nonmember avatar Missy

My two kids are 11 months apart, but it wasn't planned that way. It just happened

Vegeta Vegeta

As long as its not the original dugger mom having more..they're gonna start just falling out. It's awesome that all the kids are so well brought up though. We need more people like them.

nonmember avatar Amy

Crafty- you are incorrect. Their faith in God has opened their hearts to welcome any child they are given. Not "as many as possible." Totally different!

nonmember avatar Liz

Actually Vegeta, Michelle Duggar is pregnant as well. What's it to you anyway? Bring on the rude, know-it-all comments!

jadsm... jadsmummy

Congrats to them!

Vegeta Vegeta

I'm not being rude or claiming to know anything Liz. And its nothing to me. Troll somewhere else.

spider3 spider3

Ya it is part of the religion not a rule but more of a hard suggestion. you ever heard go forth and multiply and yes I was raised in the religion.

amazz... amazzonia

Finally! We didn't want her to fall back with her mil lol 

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