Mom Sees Image of Baby's Face on Her Pregnant Belly

pregnant belly footWow. Isn't it amazing to see those photos of pregnant women's bellies where their baby's hands or feet are clearly visible? You know, when they're kind of protruding out from her baby bump -- like in this photo?

Yeah, that's nothing compared to the mom who saw the outline of a baby's face on her growing tummy. (Yes. It's just as weird as it sounds.)

Twenty-five-year old Karen McMartin was doing something most women do during their pregnancies -- showing her baby bump off to her co-workers, when they noticed something staring back at them from her belly.


It was the image of a face -- complete with eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks.

One of Karen's colleagues took a photo of the face, and as strange as it sounds, it really does appear as though her baby is pressing up against her tummy and showing the image of himself to the world.

OMG. Can you even imagine? If this imprint had appeared on my baby bump while I was pregnant, I'm sure I would've freaked out a little at the thought of seeing my own baby-to-be "looking" back at me. And when I first saw the pictures of Karen's bump, I was caught off guard for a second, but then realized the face in question was way too large to be that of a tiny baby.

Even a medical expert for The Sun, the publication that featured the story, says the image is probably nothing more than an optical illusion caused by Karen's belly button, stretch marks, veins, and and old navel piercing.

But regardless of what made the face appear, you have to admit, it's still pretty cool. There aren't many pregnant women out there who can say they've had a phenomenon like this happen. If nothing else, she'll have a really unique photo to show her baby as he/she grows up. I can hear it now, "Remember that time I peeked out from your tummy, Mommy?!?" (Too cute.)

Have you noticed any visible baby body parts on your baby bump?


Image via M.ADA/Flickr

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