Umbilical Cord Art: Good Idea or Bad?

Little Cord ArtWhen it comes to profiting off a baby's birth, I thought I had seen it all ...

But now, there's umbilical cord art.

On "Raising America" today, Kyra Phillps talked to a couple behind Little Cord Art, a company that takes your baby's umbilical cord and turns it into a masterpiece. And you won't believe how they do it.


When your baby is born, you put the umbilical cord in a special container and ship it off to Little Cord Art. They take a microscopic photo of the umbilical cord cells and voila! A work of art!

Crazy, right?

Check out Kyra's interview with the founders of Little Cord Art:

I'm not denying that the canvases look nice, and they're certainly conversation starters. But they also cost between $300 and $500, and well-- that's a lot of onesies and diapers right there.

As someone who bought all my baby clothes and many baby toys at consignment sales, I would never even consider getting my own cord art. Honestly, even if I were a millionaire, I wouldn't buy it. So many companies are out there now trying to convince parents that they'll forever regret not having that professional newborn photo/ hand-drawn framed silhouette/ bronzed baby shoe  --after a while it all starts to run together. Little Cord Art seems like yet another attempt to wring a few (hundred) bucks out of a sleep-deprived couple with more dollars than sense.

Not that I blame them. In these sequestered times, we've all got to make money any way we can, right?

What about you? Would you buy umbilical cord art?

Image via Little Cord Art

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