Kim Kardashian Attacked for Being Bad for Her Baby & It's Totally Unfair

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kim and kanyeBy now, the Kardashians are used to being cruely mocked and criticized. It's par for the course when you make a living by putting your life on display. Still, I assumed the haters would cut Kim Kardashian some slack now that she's with child. I couldn't have been more wrong. Her pregancy hasn't softened her critics. If anything it's made them more vicious. Now they are going after her parenting skills and this may be the meanest attack yet.

Kim was spotted wearing fur in Paris and PETA went after her and baby-daddy Kanye West. A spokesperson for the group said that since Kim is paid to wear things like fur or beauty products and "shake hands with dictators," she will be a bad role model for her child. Seriously? Isn't every single star in Hollywood paid to wear and do stuff? As for dictators, I am not sure who this rep was referring to, but I am sure a lot of world leaders wouldn't mind meeting Kim. But does that really make her a bad mother? I can give PETA real examples of bad parenting. We cover plenty of those here on The Stir.

Say what you want about how materialistic the Kardashian clan is, but one thing I know is that they are a loving family. Sure, they use public appearances and reality TV to hawk luxury goods we don't want or need. But you can't deny they are a tight-knit family. They care about each other deeply -- and you don't have to be a diehard fan to see that. They are right by each other's side for all the ups and downs. Who did Khloe turn to when she is freaked out about her fertility issues? Where did Kim run when her marriage embarrassingly fell apart? They always have each other's backs. How many of us can say we want to live AND work with our parents and siblings?

As for Kanye, well, I agree he can be a pompous ass. But from what I understand, he had a very loving and supportive relationship with his mother before she died. She was proud of him and instilled in him the belief that he could do anything and conquer any obstacles. Isn't that what good parents do -- build up their children. I have no doubt Kanye will do the same for his little prince or princess.

Why don't we give Kim and Kanye a chance to be parents before we start ripping them apart for their "bad parenting." Having a child can change you in a lot ways and I think most people would say it makes them better. Why can't it do the same for these stars?

Do you think Kim and Kanye will be bad parents?


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Julie... Julienikki06

that is the most ridiculous question ever- despite what anyone thinks of them they are decent people- of COUrSE they will live their baby and be good... can't believe how judgementsl people are.

nonmember avatar Claire Best

I deffinetly know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be wonderful parents.I feel the media are very hard and some jealous of Kim's and Kanye's wonderful careers.

nonmember avatar CarlieB.

Just because she got famous for getting her horse butt pounded, being obsessed with fame and attention, is one of the biggest ego maniacs this side of the planet doesn't mean she'll be a bad mother right? I don't think so. She's just a sh1tty person.

Torra... TorranceMom

I think this child will probably end up being just like the two of them so, yes.

Todd Vrancic

And everyone was sure Snooki (sp?) would be a horrible mother and now they look like fools.

Joanne Whitelaw Eberly

Willing to be they are not the ones getting up at night with that child.  We saw what a disaster the kitten was.  My money is on them dumping the kid on lovely Khloe'

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