Jessica Simpson's 'Difficult' 2nd Pregnancy Is Why I Never Want to Be Pregnant Again (VIDEO)

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Jessica Simpson

After seeing a clip of Jessica Simpson's appearance on Ellen this week, I'm even more convinced that I never, ever want to be pregnant again.

And no, it's not because of how much weight she's gained during her second pregnancy. Actually, Jess looks pretty damn good this time around, and it's obvious that she's making much healthier choices than she did while expecting her daughter, Maxwell.

But while her eating habits are noticeably different now that she's expecting baby number two -- hearing what she had to say about her second pregnancy is what made me realize I'm doing the right thing by sticking to the "one and done" plan.

From morning sickness to being exhausted all the time to "snacking on Tums," which I'm assuming means she has some killer heartburn going on -- Jess's second pregnancy is definitely no picnic.

You can hear more of what she had to say in this video clip from Ellen.


She may look great, but it can't be easy to be pregnant and feel like crap while trying to parent a 10-month-old.

Ok, back to why Jessica's pregnancy has sealed the deal for me as far as not having another baby goes.

Like Jessica, my first pregnancy was an absolute breeze. I didn't have ANY morning sickness. (No really, I never puked once during my entire pregnancy.)

Other than putting on a ton of weight (50 pounds), I felt amazing. I had a decent amount of energy up until my last few weeks, I never really felt moody or irritable, and I honestly enjoyed being pregnant. It was a piece of cake the first time around -- but I'm not stupid enough to think I'd be as lucky if I were to do it all over again.

With my luck, I'd wind up sick as a dog, too exhausted to leave the house, and totally miserable. (Oh yes, I would. I just know it.)

At least Jessica is young enough to bounce back fairly quickly after her second little one arrives. I'm sure she'll immediately forget just how blah and exhausted she felt. But as a 35-year-old woman who definitely isn't getting any younger, I'm almost positive I'd never completely recover from another pregnancy.

And since I sort of have my life together right now, that's a risk I'm just not willing to take.

Did your first pregnancy turn you off to having a second baby?


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ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Honestly, it doesn't matter how old your kids are. When you're pregnant and feel like crap its a challenge to parent no matter the age. I just had my 4th baby, my older kids were 9, 5, and 2. And it was still hard even with my oldest 2 being kind if self sufficient. Also, every pregnancy is different. Mine were all ok, until my 4th one. So your "one and done" philosophy doesn't really hold true as far as you don't want to feel sick. You may not be. I'm not saying you need to have another. Just that you don't know if you'd be sick.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

No.. I had my second and can't wait to have my third... Having kids is great.. As I get older I love the idea of larger families.. All the grand kids, fun and laughter and support for each other! One child in my opinion is so lonely!

happy... happymama2D

My first pregnancy was horrific. I had kidney stones the entire time and had to have stents put in both kidneys. I have never been so sick or in so much pain for such a looooong time. I was in and out of the hospital, and also had gestational diabetes. I practically screamed from the rooftops that I would never get pregnant again after I had my son. Cut to less than two years later and I was pregnant again. :) I wanted another child and even though I knew it might be hard again, I figured I did it once so I could do it again. Thankfully, my second pregnancy was better than my first. I had some pretty bad morning sickness that lasted the entire pregnancy (UGH!) but I was able to function. I certainly didn't enjoy being pregnant and am envious of woman that love being pregnant, but in the end it is totally worth it.

lobus lobus

All the stuff is really forgotten once you see your baby and in the grand scheme of things 10 months is just a little blip it goes by so fast especially when you already have one thats keeping you busy. Trust me, I was nauseas my entire second pregnancy but I managed, I had to or else my toddler wouldve starved. If you dont want to put in 10 months for a child then you just dont want a second child period....

sand008 sand008

My pregnancy was a breeze but my son's tantrums not so much.

nonmember avatar Sarah B

My first and third were awesome pregnancies! My 2nd was rough, but I can honestly say even after that I can't wait to add #4 soon enough!!

acook... acook0331

It's because she's an idiot who didn't wait a year in between pregnancies. Your body needs time to recover after having a baby.

Freela Freela

Actually, it was my second child who put me off ever having another pregnancy. It was a stressful pregnancy- I had bleeding through much of the first and early second tri. I had a suchorionic hematoma, and then due to a bad cough my low-lying placenta separated from the uterine wall, threatening the baby and putting me on bedrest for awhile and restrictions (no sex, strenuous activity, or lifting) for most of the rest of my pregnancy. Parenting an 18 month old while not being able to run or lift was a challenge! The worst part was at 15 weeks with heavy bleeding, I went to the ER and they couldn't find a heartbeat... absolutely terrifying, especially since I had a previous loss and was nervous going in. I felt so lucky when she was born and didn't want to ever experience that again. Turns out I did end up having another baby two years later- and that pregnancy was a breeze (except for my nausea that never went away)- but no bleeding, no bedrest, no restrictions, it was great! So I'm glad that fate surprised me that way! After that I got my tubes tied, so at least I went out on a good one!

MaryC... MaryCimino

My kids are almost 5 years apart, the first pregnancy was difficult as it came. I barley left the hospital after the second trimester began. My second pregnancy was different, it was smoother, I was only in the hospital twice because he was sucking me dry. He was taking in more fluid than I could put back in no matter how hard I tried. I'm done having kids though because I hated being pregnant, couldn't go fast enough for me.

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