Kate Middleton Accidentally Reveals Gender of Her Baby & This Is Too Good

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kate middletonIt was bound to happen. Kate Middleton has been watched like a hawk since it was announced that she and Prince William are expecting. Right now, it's being widely speculated that, come July, the royal couple will give birth to a baby girl. And despite my skepticism for celebrity pregnancy rumors, I must admit -- this speculation is with good reason. At a public appearance on Tuesday, after a well-wisher handed the Duchess of Cambridge a white teddy bear, she said: "Thank you. I will take this for my d--." Kate then stopped herself from finishing the sentence. Sandra Cook, a woman who was standing nearby, said to Kate: "You were going to say daughter, weren't you?!" To which she replied: "No, we don't know." Cook, 67, then said: "Oh, I think you do." (The balls!) And the Duchess replied: "We're not telling."

So, yeah. If I were a betting woman, I'd say William and Kate found out the gender of their baby, and it is in fact a girl. Kate certainly doesn't seem like the kind of celebrity to intentionally tease something for press -- royals hate press. This sounds like a genuine mistake, and hot dog, am I excited! Kate's having a little future queen! (And, yes, future queen she will be. Queen Elizabeth made it clear that if the couple is to have a girl, she not only will be referred to as "princess", but she will be the heir to the throne -- a ruling that bucks centuries of gender discrimination that only allowed males to become heirs.)

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But back to Kate's slip. I'm sure right now the poor girl's feeling anxious for maybe/possibly/obviously almost saying "daughter", and letting the world in on something she and her husband were trying to keep secret. And Christ, could you imagine that kind of pressure? If and when one does find out the gender of their baby, they immediately want to shout it from the rooftops. And one of the perks is no longer having to refer to the little bean as "it". It's all "son/daughter/him/her" from there on out. Keeping it a secret would be nearly impossible.

Kate certainly has it easier than the rest of us in many aspects in life, but there's no arguing that she has a layer of pressure during pregnancy most never have to deal with. I feel bad that she accidentally let the gender slip. But also, I'm super excited. Congrats!

Did you tell people the gender of your baby? Do you think Kate's having a girl?

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bills... billsfan1104

Can you please address her by her correct name? Her name is not Kate Middleton anymore

badyl... badylugs80

hahahaha! Billsfan1104 I agree!

Jennifer Janney

Isn't it a little too early to tell what she's having?

Phucket Phucket

seriously, why does everyone want to ruin their desire to keep it secret? It honestly slipped, doesn't mean you should go and scream it out for the world to know. 

nonmember avatar Meagan

Jennifer Janney - It isn't too early for them to know. You can have a gender-ultrasound done between 16-20 weeks. I am due the first week of August with my third baby, and I find out on Tuesday (March 12th).

I would say that they know, and this was almost a positive confirmation of a baby princess.

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't understand why it's a big secret. The world is going to know in a few short months when the baby's born anyway. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

I do believe it is a girl look at how she is carrying that baby

nonmember avatar Summer

Mayyyyyyyybe she was going to say dog but realised she probably shouldn't tell this person she was actually going to let her dog chew up the toy before the baby got it. Bahahaha! It is possible.

Nita Martin

she is just so adorable isn't she?? I mean look at her glowing!!! :D I love it!

Robert Mahoney

Now that the suspence is over I can get some sleep.

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