'16 & Pregnant' Mom Talks About How Pregnancy Saved Her From Heroin


danielle cunninghamWhile we've been tsk-tsking the likes of Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood, looks like another teen mom really went to the dark side in a scary way. 16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham is talking about that time she was hooked on heroin. Zoiks!

Danielle says she was addicted to heroin for three months, a period of her life when her son was occasionally under her care (he was mostly staying with Danielle's mother). We've all heard how viciously difficult it is to kick this particular drug. How did Danielle do it? Well, it sounds like getting pregnant had a lot to do with it.

Dainelle writes of her drug addiction:

It was horrible. I wasnt even myself. i was a nasty typical drug addict. I had a life changing thing happen to me and then a month later i was pregnant. i think god everyday for me almost death experience and this pregnancy. it has changed my tremendously and now i could never even speak to people that do drugs. heroin is by the far the nastiest drug ive ever seen or done.

So it sounds like she came close to an overdose -- that "almost death experience." She stopped. And then she got pregnant. Phew, glad it wasn't the other way around! But it sounds like that pregnancy is what's kept her clean. I mean, staying off heroin is supposed to be even harder that detoxing from it. But carrying a baby inside you has got to be some powerful motivation to resist a relapse.

It doesn't work for everyone. We've all heard sad stories about drug-addicted moms who couldn't stop using even while they were pregnant. But I think most of the time it's pretty darn effective at shaking women up and keeping them sober. I hope Danielle can keep it up, even after she's had her second baby. Two kids -- that's going to be stressful! I think she'll always have to watch herself for signs that she might slip into addiction again. But for her, that pregnancy was a life-saving miracle.

Do you think pregnancy can help someone kick a drug habit and stay clean?


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sssdnm sssdnm

Well I know addiction is hard but if your own child can't help you I guess at that point no one could help you! I'm glad she kicked the habit! Some people aren't strong enough even when bearing a child

nonmember avatar jess

it did for me

kelti... kelticmom

Good for her! I see a fair share of heroin addicts at my work, and besides meth, there is no nastier drug that absolutely destroys you, body and soul.

lalab... lalaboosh

With the right support and care during detox yeah someone can definitely get clean no matter what the motivation. The problem with pregnancy and detoxing is that it can kill a mother as well as the child. If someone doesn't have the right emotional support or even know of a clinic to go to for help they may not ever achieve that goal, but add the stress of being pregnant and the fact that detoxing could cause a miscarriage to the child that you love, that you're changing for and you may not have quite so much of a successful story even with the right emotional support and clinic. How many women do we know who have been unable to quit smoking cigarettes during pregnancy because it's so stressful and difficult? This girl is a trooper and I'm proud of her for the accomplishment that she's made. I just hope to see less comments in the future about how people don't want help. Addiction is a frightening and powerful physical and mental disease. Even if you have been through it, that doesn't mean you know someone else's struggle. By all means, keep healthy boundaries with the addicts in your life, but if you truly want to help them you won't talk down about them. You'll just let it be if that's the best you can do with what you have.

Also meth is the most disgusting that I've ever seen and I've seen people on heroin and people on meth.

Kelsey Marie

Absoloutly, I was addicted to meth before i got pregnant. I was Extreemly deep into the drug filled world. IT took me till i was 15 weeks pregnant to get off. I'm so blessed that my son didn't have any problems. But having him has kept me on the right path. Looseing my baby over drugs was NOT worth it. and My son alone had kept me clean.

Tiffany Primm

Ok wait I'm confused. Does she have two kids or just one?

Sweet... SweetMelancholy

Thank god she got off before she got pregnant. If you get pregnant on heroin (or any kind of opiate/pain meds) quitting is the WORST thing you can do. Withdrawals are horrendous for an adult and putting your unborn child through that will usually end up in miscarriage. Getting stabilized on methadone is the best route to go. Obviously the baby will have to be detoxed when it's born but at least they can taper them and treat some of the symptoms. I couldn't imagine having to watch my baby go through something like. Obviously the best bet is to be on birth control if your on drugs (or not be on drugs in the first place). But shit happens and I'd rather those women do the safest thing possible for themself and their child.

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