Multiples: Meet the Group Owner of Multiples R Us

Having one baby at a time? That's a big thing. But multiples? My hat goes off to you mamas who are carrying, delivering, and raising twins or more. There are several groups for moms of multiples around here -- one is Multiples R Us. I chatted with group owner sammyjrntwins06, aka Jennifer, about the joys and challenges of being pregnant with multiples -- and got her tips on getting through the pregnancy and day-to-day life after.


Tell me a little about yourself -- where do you live? How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

My SO, Rick, and I live in Joliet, Illinois; we have twin boys, Matthew and Jaydon, who are 34 months [that's the whole fam above.]

Why did you start Multiples R Us?

I couldn't find a lot of resources when I found out I was having twins. I figured it would be a great place for moms of multiples, not just moms of twins.

Tell me about carrying multiples -- what was your pregnancy like?

I knew from the beginning that I was having twins -- call it intuition. My pregnancy was fine -- I drank a gallon of milk a day....yes, a gallon of milk per day, that is not an exaggeration LOL. The gentleman at the gas station told us we should have bought a cow!

But towards the end it was miserable. I couldn't get into bed without steps, then I couldn't sleep because the heartburn was so strong.

The only complication I had was the onset of Toxemia, and that's when the doctor said he would take them by C-section.

So, you haven't had a non-multiples pregnancy, too?

No, I've only had the twins and I don't plan on doing it again. The doctors told me that if I get pregnant again, I will have twins, triplets, or even up to five. (I drop five eggs at ovulation, so I'm surprised I didn't have five the first time!)

Tell me about your labor and delivery -- did you deliver early? How'd it go?

I delivered at 35 weeks so, yes, they were early. I was only dialted to 1 centimeter when they checked to see if the babies were in the correct position -- but they were both breech. A deciding factor, too, was the Toxemia. They prepped me for a C-section and, wow, they were here!

How was life with multiples right after birth?

I didn't get to hold either of the twins until about four days after they were born, so it was scary! Both were put in the NICU due to breathing and collapsed lungs.

Any advice for moms-to-be carrying multiples?

Rest while you can! Enjoy the pregnancy and once you have them, put them on a schedule -- if you don't, you'll wear yourself out and make yourself crazy.

Anyone that says they'll help, take them up on it. Advice from your mom and MIL? Listen to it. You don't have to take it, but listen to it.

Don't get mad and say, "They're my kids and I'll raise them how I want." If a time comes when you do want that help and advice, it might not be there for you -- in other words, don't burn that bridge.

Any suggestions for moms related to labor and delivery?

Do what you feel comfortable with, but use common sense. If they say you need a C-section, don't go all Superwoman. Don't wait to find out about the C-section and the different ways each doctor does them until it's happening. Find out how they do them -- ask about stiches, staples, glue, how and where they cut. Ask the "worst case scenario" questions and BE PREPARED for anythng. If the doctors or midwives don't want to answer your questions or blow you off, call another doctor and switch.

Any tips for moms of newborn multiples?

Schedule, schedule, schedule. It was the one thing that kept my sanity. I have the Multiples schedule in my group and in my journal posts. My boys were sleeping through the night and in their own cribs at 2 1/2 months.

What would you like moms who don't have multiples to understand about moms who do?

Yes, we do have our hands full, however, we don't like to hear it from passersby -- ie: "Wow, are they twins? Boy, you have your hands full!" We don't want to be rude, but I hear it and I know other moms of multiples hear it all the time.

Anything moms-to-be should know about the group?

Post any question -- there aren't any dumb questions! Have fun!

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