Miraculous Newborn Survives Car Crash That Kills His Laboring Parents* UPDATED

couple killed on way to hospitalA Brooklyn couple rushing to the hospital in order to give birth to their baby was killed on the way when the car driving them crashed. Now their baby boy, born at the scene, is an orphan before he even came out of the womb. Can you even imagine how heartbreaking this is?

The baby was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but did survive the horrific crash that took the lives of his parents, Nathan and Raizy Glauber, Orthodox Jews who were probably so excited to have their very first baby.

My heart just absolutely breaks for them.


In this case, the driver of their car was apparently not at fault. It was another driver in a BMW who hit them (and then fled the scene -- PURE EVIL). But still, it is easy to imagine how this might happen and it is a wonder it does not happen more. There is probably never a more stressful drive than the one from home to the hospital during labor.

In the movies and on television, the "rush" to the hospital during labor is kind of a cliche. The mom is always breathing in the back (no seat belts) and whoever is driving is running red lights, pushing his foot on the gas, and freaking out. 

In real life, we hear stories of police escorts and speeding drivers trying to make it to the hospital. During my two labors, we did have a 20 minute drive out to our hospital, but with both born late at night, the drives were fast on empty streets.

Of course, we made it. And we delivered our beautiful babies and we brought them home safely in their car seats (another scary drive). We knew we were lucky and blessed at the time. But it takes a story like this to realize just how much.

My heart breaks that this beautiful young couple won't have that same opportunity. They should be holding their newborn son today and sharing family photos. Instead they are in the morgue and their newborn is an orphan. All because some evil person allegedly decided to drive like a maniac.

It does not get much sadder than this.

What do you think should happen to the driver if they find him?

** New reports are showing that the parents were not in labor as first reported. In fact, they were only seven months along. Tragically, the baby has died.

Image via davidsonscott15/Flickr



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Dassy... Dassymomof2un2

They found him. He should go to jail. How can anyone run from that! It's so tragic. I cryed.

Dassy... Dassymomof2un2

Picture of "hit and run" BMW Driver just arrested by Comb

#oneoftheUpdates. The story is simple but horrible and confusing: The couple were in a Brooklyn Car Service on the way to hospital to deliver their first Baby while on Kent ave a BMW car smashed into the Car Service which lost control and hit with power a parked TT where the mother flew out and landed under the TT and died, Husband and driver was pinned in vehicle, other end was the BMW driver who saw what he did so he got out from his vehicle and fled by foot cuz his car is a total lost and NYPD 90Pct are now searching for him, Driver from Car service was saved by airbag that popped open but has minor injuries, husband was transported to Beth Israel Hospital and few minutes later was pronounced DOA, Child was delivered (Probably under the TT) and is now alive in Beth Israel hospital.

popta... poptart0325

That is so sad. I can't even begin to imagine how the families of that couple feels. So many emotions to feel at once. Thank goodness that sweet baby survivied. That's one beautiful miracle to come out of a terrible tragedy.

nonmember avatar Steve

It's New York. NYPD and the DA rarely charge or prosecute drivers in such cases. He'll get charged with leaving the scene but probably not for killing these young parents. Tragic. They deserve justice.

Msshe Msshe

So sad and heartbreaking :( hope that get justice!

Donna Merkle

That baby must have grand parents or aunts and uncles. The parents were married according to th article, so there has to be family somewhere.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Wow this is unreal! How sad.

Jennifer Boyett

Hopefully the parents had family members living that would be willing to raise their son. Unfortunately many of us are not that lucky. As to the driver of the BMW he should be facing 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter in addition to other charges. I will be praying for this child.

TheLa... TheLadyAmalthea

The fact that they fled the scene tells me alcohol or drugs were involved. This person needs a blood test. Then they need to sit in jail for a long long time, while constantly having to look at pictures of the couple he/she killed and pictures of the baby in the hospital recovering from what he/she did.

etcet... etcettera

My thoughts exactly, TheLadyAmalthea. Also, the driver if the BMW left the car, so it should be simple to find him based on his plates. What an idiot. I hope that poor baby recovers ok and I'm glad he has family to care for him.

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