Kim Kardashian Has Figured Out the Secret to Not Looking Pregnant

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Kim KardashianYou guys, I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but Kim Kardashian's latest maternity ensemble makes it look like she's not even pregnant. And now I'm totally confused.

No, I'm not suggesting she's pulling a fast one on us and faking her pregnancy or anything crazy like that -- but she's definitely figured out some sort of trick to making maternity clothes work in her favor.

Just last week, Kim wore that crazy black and white cookie looking dress that made her look twice the size that she actually is. But then this week, she throws on white jeans, a pretty camisole, and a long cardigan -- and now she looks like pre-preggo Kim Kardashian.

Again, what the heck is going on, here?

Even Kim admits that she doesn't look pregnant in this outfit, and calls it her "favorite pregnancy look" to date.

And it's easy to see why. This is one of the most flattering things she's ever worn, period -- let alone what she's worn thus far during her pregnancy.

Wow. Who knew that by simply changing your clothes, you can go from being the big pregnant chick to the cute pregnant chick in a matter of a few days -- or possibly even a few hours or minutes?!?

Hmm. Now that I think about it, I guess there were a few maternity outfits I felt much more confident and attractive wearing than some of my other clothes when I was pregnant with my son.

I mean, there was no mistaking the fact that I was pregnant, because I was as big as a house -- but certain clothes definitely made me seem less "out there."

And if Kim has found a look that works for her, my advice to her is to stick to it, and not deviate too far off the beaten path -- otherwise she may wind up with another black and white cookie disaster.

(And nobody wants that.)

Have you found that you look more or less pregnant in certain maternity clothes?


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mande... manderspanders

I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and even though I can wear many of my pre-pregnant clothes, certain styles/cuts definitely show the pregnancy more than others. It really isn't that big a deal, and it really isn't a secret.

You do know that not all women have a *huge* baby bump, right?

jalaz77 jalaz77

OMG-one day of not talking about the trashardigans would be amazing. Obsessive about this family who has the worst style out there and zero clues on how to make a relationship work.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha oops...trashdashian!!!

Erin Smith Eaton

I think the secret to her not looking much different than she did pre-pregnancy is that she looks 4 months pregnant normally!

Melis... MelissaListens

I didn't realiy look pregnant until I was almost 24 weeks along and before that, you could only speculate when I was wearing something tighter on my abdomen.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

I hope she isn't pulling a fast one but for some reason I have a funny feeling. I understand some people don't show for a while but its just weird isn't she 3 or 4 months...?

hopea... hopealways4019

I posted on another site,she don't look pregnant. Why try to hide it? Pregnancy is a special moment.

April... AprilJune

I remember desperately trying to look pregnant at the beginning of my pregnancies (after 12 weeks, when we made them public), because I could tell my body was changing and just wanted to scream out that I was gaining weight/looking different because I was pregnant, and not just getting fat. Then, all I really cared about was looking good and being comfortable...regardless of what people thought. Maybe she's having a similar experience :)

lenaymar lenaymar

I really think she is not even pregnant. She loves her figure and is always trying to keep her holleywood style...she might be having a surrogate baby and lwtting us think she carried it. Just thinking.

nonmember avatar GiGi Eats

Oh no no, she is DEFINITELY SHOWING... In fact, I think she may be carrying the child in her butt. LOL!

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