'Playboy' Model Holly Madison Plans to Eat Her Placenta & The Thought Alone Makes Me Gag

placenta pillsUgh. Barf. Playboy model Holly Madison is planning on eating her placenta after her baby arrives -- a trend that I just can't seem to stomach no matter how hard I try.

She announced her postpartum snack plans on her blog by saying, "This might sound gross, but I'm totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth."

Um, it doesn't just sound gross -- it IS gross. Like beyond gross. But Holly is under the impression that it makes you recover faster after giving birth, so she's all about popping placenta pills.

And she's not the first celeb to hop on this bandwagon.


Actress January Jones is a placenta eater too, and she felt so great after consuming hers, she even recommends taking placenta capsules to all pregnant women. She claims she was "never sad or down" after baby Xander was born, and yep, you guessed it -- she's giving all the credit to her placenta.

OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who just can't get past the weird factor of taking placenta pills!

Ok, so I guess it's way less disgusting than eating it raw right after it comes out of your vag.

But then again, it comes out of your vag regardless. I don't care if you eat it like a steak or swallow its contents in pill form -- your placenta COMES OUT OF YOUR VAG, for crying out loud.

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to get past that tiny (yet very significant) detail.

I won't lie, I had a little bit of the post-baby blues going on after I had my son. But you know what? I got through it just fine -- and there's no way in hell I would've ever considered ingesting my own placenta in the hopes of putting a smile on my face during those grueling first few weeks. And come to think of it, if I had gone over to the wacky side and decided to eat my placenta, it wouldn't have even been an option for me. I spiked a fever during my delivery, and they immediately sent my placenta off to the lab to try and figure out why. (And they never did come to a conclusion, but that's beside the point.)

Bottom line -- placenta eating = gross and bizarre. But if Holly wants to eat something that came out of her vag, more power to her.

Would you consider eating your placenta?


Image via jencu/Flickr

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