27 Moms Share What They Were Doing When They Went Into Labor

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pregnany ladyWhen I was a mother-to-be, one of my biggest fears was when and where I would go into labor. God forbid it happen when I was stuck down in the New York City subway or on a rainy night when there wasn't an available cab in sight.

Ultimately, I didn't have to worry about it. I had to have a C-section. Though, I was bitching out my building super about why he didn't let the Home Depot guy deliver blinds to my apartment right before my doctor called telling me to get to the hospital. It was surreal, but nothing like having your water break in the middle of your first grader's field trip to the zoo. I love hearing those wacky stories from other moms. Check out the 27 bizarre, surprising, and funny things our CafeMom members were doing when they went into labor.

  1. My water broke in the middle of church while I was doing a demonstration of Noah's flood for the congregation!
  2. In the middle of a labor and delivery tour when the contractions hit.
  3. Having sex.
  4. I was on CafeMom.
  5. I was up at 4 a.m. watching Montel Williams on TV.
  6. Griping at husband for waking me up.
  7. Working the lunch rush at a restaurant.
  8. I was scheduled for a c-section so I got up at like 2 a.m. because that was the latest I could eat. I had a donut and the contractions started.
  9. I was June freaking Cleaver. My DH couldn't slow me down from cooking and getting things ready for the day.
  10. I was at my baby shower. I didn't know I was in labor yet though, I thought it was just cramps or Braxton Hicks.
  11. Doing laundry at home.
  12. Watching Law & Order: SVU.
  13. I was walking to try and get labor started. Apparently my three-mile walk worked.
  14. I was in the shower.
  15. Sitting in the effing hospital starving to death.
  16. I was pulling dock plates in receiving at work. My water broke and I drove myself home to get my hubby. He couldn't believe I came home.
  17. While I was peeing in a cup during my weekly checkup, my water broke. I thought, "How could I completely miss the cup?" LOL!
  18. Contractions woke me at 4 a.m. but the doctor sent me home. I went to Denny's with my husband and was grabbing the table every time I had one!
  19. Laying on the cool grass early in the morning.
  20. Shopping at Walmart.
  21. I was vacuuming when my water broke.
  22. I was at work and had to wait until my manager got back.
  23. I was at my sister's middle school Christmas concert for band.
  24. Helping the kids try on their Halloween costumes for the next night.
  25. I was in the grocery store when I felt contractions and I came home, ate burritos, then went to the hospital.
  26. My son and I were playing World of Warcraft.
  27. Washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees for the second time that day. I was overdue and had tried sex, spicy food, swinging at the playground, going hiking, and any other old wives' tale I could find to get my pigheaded Taurus DD baby to come out already. Washing the floor did it.

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What were you doing when you went into labor?


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jrphelps jrphelps

I was walking through a dept store to use the restroom when my water broke!  Luckily it's not like the movies that they show the water just rushing out!!

MamaT... MamaTrombley

With both my kids i was doing a non-stress test at the hospital. The funny thing was i didn't start contractions until after the "cursed" nurse came to check on me.After the birth of my 3 i found out a high number of her non stress test patients go into labor after seeing her.

lalab... lalaboosh

I was having contractions the evening before my daughter was born, but my midwife said it wasn't technically labor. I must have officially gone into labor while trying to sleep between contractions. When I couldn't sleep anymore I played the sims till I couldn't focus on it anymore.

court... courtneycatt

Walking around the State Fair

kelti... kelticmom

I was watching the women's beach volleyball finals in the 2008 Olympics. I literally jumped out of my chair, cheering for Misty May and Kerri, and my water broke!

JessL... JessLogansMommy

The first time my water broke while my sister was baking cupcakes right as the timer went off.  I was standing up to check on them for her and pop.  The second time I woke up at 2am and jumped out of bed and sure enough my water had broken. I laughed, looked at my husband and said "Honey, its time"

Rebec... Rebecca7708

I went into pre labor on my birthday. I was a cranky mess all day but, didn't realize that was what was happening. My water broke at 5:30 the next morning.

nonmember avatar CystalMP

I was ordering a pizone that I didnt get to eat until I got back from the hospital lol

MyToe MyToe

Not bashing any mother's labor story, but you must have low standards for " bizarr, surprising and funny."

nonmember avatar Diana

Agree with mytoe. Maybe #1is pretty funny and surprising. But doing laundry, vacuuming, watching tv or in the shower aren't. I was asleep when i got my contractions. Nothing surprising.

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