Moms of Boys Have Shorter Lives -- Uh-Oh

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pregnantSorry, moms-to-be, I've got some bad news. A new study indicates that having a baby boy may wind up shortening your life span, because being pregnant with a boy is harder on your body than carrying a girl.

The research was conducted at the University of Turku in Finland and published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters. Public records of the post-reproductive survival of over 11,000 women in pre-industrial Finland were examined, and the results were pretty interesting, to say the least.

The study found that moms who had sons lived an average of eight-and-a-half months less than those who bore daughters.

(Well isn't that just great.)

So based on these findings, those of us who have little boys can probably say goodbye to the world almost a year earlier than moms who are blessed with sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Geez. Boy pregnancies are really that much more taxing than girl pregnancies? Who'da thunk it?

The theory goes something like this -- boys are typically heavier inside the womb, and they grow faster. And then there's the whole testosterone thing -- which supposedly weaken's the mother's immune system.

It's important to note that the women who were looked at were from a long time ago -- between the 17th and 20th centuries. Nowadays we have access to proper pre-natal care along with a whole host of other technological luxuries, but the study is still pretty fascinating, nonetheless.

And now all I want to do is compare my pregnancy to the pregnancies of my friends who had girls to see if I really did have more of a strain on my body than they did.

Hmm. I did gain 50 pounds, which is more weight than a lot of them put on. And I did have a really long labor and delivery, compared to some of my friends who gave birth to girls in a matter of an hour or two. Wait a minute -- now that I think about it -- it also seemed to take me a lot longer to bounce back from pregnancy than some of my "girl mom" friends.

OMG. Maybe carrying and giving birth to a baby boy really will wind up being the death of me.

Oh well -- there are definitely worse ways to go.

Are you having a boy? Does your pregnancy seem especially tough?


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momto... momto2boys973

I have 2 boys and both my pregnancies were pretty easy.

I dunno, maybe it's not that we live less, it just goes by faster, lol

Jaime Swift Sundin

I dont buy that at all my boy pregnancies have always been easier and safier for me, my girl pregnancies have almost killed me twice and i only have two girls and four boys.

Esmer... EsmeraysMom

i had a girl.. labor was a BREEZE. well, compared to how mothers describe their labors, i think mine was... No epidural, went in at 11 AM, she was born at 1:01 AM... I think that seems quite short (:

JaysM... JaysMama2007

my first pregnancy was my son- it was easy peasy- then i got pregnant with twin girls and that was a rough pregnancy- twin moms supposedly live longer- not sure how lol


Brittany Lloyd

Both my pregnancies with my boys were hard long labors and difficult pregnancies. with my first boy i labored 32hrs after my water broke and push and hour ad a half of it. He damaged my ciatic nerve in my left thigh and 2 yeaars later its still numb. With my second boy i have been in labor for 2 weeks this upcoming monday. I have SPD with this son which is were my relaxins came in to soon and it caused the ligements to loosen to much and my pelvic bones to seperate so when i walk they rub together causing pain. other people on my husbands side wo have had boys all have had hard pregnancies also...

Anna Bowser

I have 2 boys and 2 girls, my boy pregnancies were FAR easier than my girl pregnancies!

Monique Lynn Thompson

I am pregnant with my fourth boy (time to let the dream of sugar and spice go) and each pregnancy was different in difficulty as well as the labors. This pregnancy is by far my worst, I am 24 weeks and still have all day sickness, every time the baby kicks I am in pain, and I am constantly fatigued but my last son, who is five years old, it was a breeze.

Donna Freundt

Sorry, but whatever!. This is a load of absolute shit. My pregnancy with my boy was absolutely PISS easy. Would do it again. In fact I actually loved it!.

Cassie Marsh

i have a boy and weight less with him than what i did with my daughter who i nearly die from having sorry guys but your study is wrong im with some of the ladies there

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