Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has a Baby Nursery at Work -- How 'Unproductive' Is That?!

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nurserySo, we've all heard that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is making all her employees work at the office instead of from home. Well fine, that's the corporate environment she wants. She needs to shake things up. She wants more productivity and collaboration. Whatever. I mean, at least she's in this with her employees. It's not like she gets to work from home or anything.

Oh, but did I mention? Marissa Mayer has her own private nursery at the office. Well all righty then! I guess it's easy to put in all those hours at the office if your kid is there with you. But what about everyone else? Isn't this just a little bit hypocritical?

To be fair, Marissa paid to have that nursery built herself. With her piles and piles of CEO money. But even if you had money to burn, it would take a lot of clout to demand the space at the office. You know Shirley in Accounting doesn't have that kind of juice!

And sure, I guess she earned the right to have these privileges. But I still say it stinks -- and if everyone in the company knows you've got your own in-office private nursery, it's going to be awful for morale. I think Marissa needs to share!

Yahoo should have in-office childcare. Lots of corporations that big, like Disney, have company nurseries for their employees. Usually the childcare costs are also discounted, so that's yet another perk. But in this day and age, companies who ban working at home need to come up with other solutions. This is not the 1950s, and it's not about making employees "happy." It's about making employees' work-life balance manageable enough so that people can focus and do their best work.

Do you think it's fair that Mayer denies her employees flexibility while she gets her own office nursery?


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silve... silverdawn99

omg!!!! you mean these people have to actually get up and go to work???? how horrifying!!


at least she is there

Flori... Floridamom96

Yep. What silverdawn99 said.

nonmember avatar Shannon

There is a difference here. Mrs. Meyer made it into the upper ranks of her profession BEFORE she had a baby. When you have a proven track record of producing, you have flexibility to negotiate. I am not at the top of my profession by any stretch, but my organization has invested a lot of money in my training and I've proven my worth. Therefore, I was able to negotiate three month of PAID maternity leave. Stop acting entitled, get off your butt, and work for it.

BeckyP. BeckyP.

I agree. And as long as her office door says "CEO" she can do whatever the hell she wants. "Not fair"? What are we, in 2nd grade? If you don't like the changes, don't work there. Its your choice.

nonmember avatar LuckBeALady

Why do I get the feeling everyone is looking for a reason to hate this woman? Big deal...the president of my company gets to fly first class on the company's dime and has a massive office while everyone has cubicles. It happens at every company. Become a CEO and you'll get perks too, quit crucifying this one because you feel her new policy is "unfair". I don't expect my company to help me make my choice of having a child easier. That's not their's mine.

Iris0409 Iris0409

I think the comments on all these Yahoo posts are missing the point. Work-life balance is an important thing for all of society. People have to have kids for our species to survive - for new consumers to grow up and buy things. And those people that have kids also have talents and skills that keep our business world running. It's not a "you CHOSE to have kids, so F YOU" world, unless you're an idiot or a horrible human being. It's reality that businesses need to acknowledge that their employees have families. The ones that do, attract the best talent. The ones that don't are fair game to be mocked and questioned online. No one really cares that this CEO has a nursery in her office - if she didn't just make a newsworthy and controversial policy change at her company, we'd all be giving her virtual high-fives for a creative way to balance work and motherhood. But she choose to take away flexibility from her employees even while obviously understanding the challenge herself, and that's what's worth commenting on.

tuffy... tuffymama

In this market ESPECIALLY, I find it appalling that anyone would complain they actually have to GO TO THEIR JOB to do their job, and get their whiny asses out of their jammies to do it. Give me a break. This is still a free country and the bleeding hearts haven't taken over EVERYTHING. Yet.

nonmember avatar Dee

I work in a big corp. and I can see both sides. There is a lot that happens on the fly, in hall discussions, etc.. For that reason my boss wants me in the office 5 days a week. But he also knows I'm a mom so I'm gone every day by 5. If I need to do more I do it at home. Basically, if he needs me to do a 45-50 hour week 5-10 will be from home. Tomorrow I'm actually working from home because I'm swamped and I can do it faster without interruption, at home. At work there's sometimes too much going on. But I also know it's important I be there, I've seen a lot of folks get really behind in knowledge & work & sometimes abuse working from home. 1time a new mom didn't log in for 3 months, when she was supposed to be working from home. She did exactly 0 work. I still didn't rat her out but I didn't like it

Flori... Floridamom96

What she chose was to implement a policy she thinks is in the best interest of her company. No more, no less.

nurse... nursemama88

Become the boss and you can do what you want...but first you have to work for it. Not everything can be handed to you.

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