Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

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coffeeWe know drinking a little bit of coffee is okay during pregnancy. Or so doctors have been saying. If you're just drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning that's supposed to be perfectly safe. Maybe those two cups of coffee are the only thing standing between you and a 12-hour nap on the sofa every day.

But researchers are here to ruin your caffeine buzz, pregnant moms. I am really sorry to report this. Please forgive me. But apparently, even small amounts of caffeine can affect your baby, according to a new study that has just ruined many women's day.

As part of the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (a ten-year project involving 59,000 pregnant women), research shows that caffeine can reduce birth weight in babies. And lower birth weight can lead to other health problems, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease in adulthood. Not only that, caffeine specifically from coffee increases the length of pregnancy by about eight hours for women who drank the equivalent of about three cups or more cups a day. (D'okay... is that eight hours significant, though? I'm just saying -- the whole thing lasts nine months. Am I missing something?)

Apparently it takes less caffeine than previously thought to affect babies' weight, just 200 milligrams. Doctors used to say 300 milligrams was the limit. Caffeine crosses the placenta and increases a baby's level of stress hormones. Your coffee literally stresses out your unborn baby!

But hey, don't panic moms, says the article I just read. "These effects are not that big and no one should worry if they have had more caffeine than the guidelines recommend." Which is it, then?!? Why are they even telling us this? Can we please have a study that measures the effect of reading "things that harm your unborn child" articles on the levels of stress hormones in your unborn child? I think that might be more helpful.

How harmful do you think drinking coffee is during pregnancy?


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James... Jameson007

I enjoyed coffee or tea throughout my second & third trimester and gave birth to a 10lb11oz baby. So maybe I should be thankful?!

adrin... adriness666

I too enjoyed caffeine and gave birth to a 9lb boy

cooki... cookinmommyof1

I stopped drink coffee during my 1st pregnancy. It made me sick mto my stomach. This time around I just switched to decaf and mim good. :)

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I chose to not drink caffeine during my pregnancy because it has never been something I had often so leaving it behind was no big deal for me. Rather safe than sorry.

linzemae linzemae

My daughter is weighing 5 days ahead and I still am drinking caffeine.

britt... brittneyleigh88

I guess I was the exception. I drank 2 cups a day and occasionally a soda. My 1st was born on his EDD at 9lbs4, 2nd was born 3 days before her EDD at 8lbs7.

nonmember avatar blue

Well, caffeine is a drug. Something, that people conveniently forget. I would rather abstain, then take the chance of it hurting my baby. Someone who can't wait 9 months to do something, is incredibly selfish.

mande... manderspanders

I haven't given up my diet pop and enjoy diet pepsi quite regularly...  At my 20 week ultrasound, my baby weighed in at 13oz...which is a bit bigger than average.  I'm not worried.

Zenia6 Zenia6

Caffeine can be an appetite suppressant, so it possibly it could effect the birth weight. It was not at all my experience, 2 of my babies were almost 10lbs. As long as you are mindful, everything should be fine. Diet soda on the other hand is toxic chemical sludge I can't imagine drinking even when not pregnant.

mishi... mishill33

wow.. selfish?that's harsh.  I cut it out with my first pregnancy because i was SO depepndant on it... it hurt alot... on the couch sleeping migranes... constantly... 8lb 14oz

With my second i cut it to one a day... so i could keep up with my toddler in those mid afternoons...7lb 15oz

This time around... i listen to my body... I've gone as far as none on some days and 3 on others.. if i'm selfish for needing to function for my family... then so be it.  the doctor said he couldn't be more average =)  on week 34.

Coffee has always been a big part of my life and something i really enjoy... we roast grind and brew it ourselves... yummy!

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