Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Speculation Is Based on More Than a Baby Bump This Time

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Jennifer AnistonThe latest pregnancy rumors circulating about Jennifer Aniston are some of the craziest yet. They're flying around like mad this morning after her appearance last night at the 2013 Oscars with fiance Justin Theroux.

She looked stunning in a red, strapless Valentino gown. It was a nice change from the dark colors she usually wears, and she really stood out. Of course, all eyes were on her stomach, because that's where the prying eyes of the belly-bump-hungry public always are when it comes to Jen. And last night there was something there that has people all sorts of excited.

No it wasn't any little bulge or bump in her midsection, rather it was a hand -- Theroux's hand, that is. He placed it on her stomach. That of course means there's a baby in there he's lovingly protecting, right?

I suppose that could be the case. It's certainly a much sweeter sign of pregnancy than the typical cheeseburger bloat that usually has people assuming one is carrying a child. But would I buy her a baby gift based on it? Probably not.

Jen is tiny, and for his hands to fit around her, there's really not much room except for her stomach. Plus it's kind of up high and up to the right, not down where any kind of little bump would be. It looks more like a loving embrace than anything.

I would love to see Jen pregnant as much at the next person, but all this guessing and speculating is crazy. When she's pregnant, we'll know eventually. And if she never is, that's okay too. She looks perfectly happy no matter what may or may not be growing in her uterus.

Do you think these pictures mean Jennifer is pregnant?


Image via shahanaj27/Flickr

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preci... precious1114

No. People amways think shes pregnant. Poor girl

Amy Adams

Leave her alone. 20 years from now you guys will still be saying she is pregnant.

laris... larissalarie

She's 44 years old. She probably can't get pregnant now anyway. I'm surprised with the fact that people are still obsessed thinking this is going to happen. If she REALLY longed to be a mother like she started claiming a good decade ago when she was still with Brad Pitt (who also claimed to desire children and actually went out and made it happen), she would have made it happen before a time when most women's natural fertility has completely passed and even with reproductive assistance the odds of conceiving are very low.

Kimberly Carlisle

Just leave this woman alone, already!

Sharon Anita Ford

Yes, I do think Jennifer is pregnant. If I were 4 months pregnant, I would chose a dress just like this one. It is high wasted, full at the bottom, would wear a pregnancy girdle and look about like this.. She was very thick in the middle and she is very thin normally. The dress was good at covering up her belly. It gave a good illusion of not being pregnant, but yet when you look at her side, she looks pregnant. I think she is carrying it more in her behind right now where she seems to be the thickest.

Mariah Laitinen

Maybe she is pregnant....maybe not....I love her anyway...Friends was definite.either a show for me. Take care Jennnifer..

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