Fergie Debuts Baby Bump & She Looks ... Like Kim Kardashian (PHOTO)

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fergie baby bumpAnother day, another celebrity debuting their baby bump. This time it's Fergie! The 37-year-old mom-to-be stepped out in Milan, Italy during Fashion Week, and showed off her growing belly in a tight menswear jacket situation type of thing. She looked adorable. She looked happy. She looked ... a little bit like Kim Kardashian.


Okay, we can obviously tell that this is not Kim, being that Fergie has blond hair and physically bears no resemblance to Kim whatsoever, but her clothes -- like Kim K., Fergie hasn't seemed to have changed her style at all since becoming pregnant. This looks like something she would wear with or without child -- which seems to be the same philosophy Kim's been abiding by since she announced her pregnancy.

I'm offering a sincere virtual fist bump to these ladies, because when I was pregnant? Hoooooo boy, I didn't dress the same. It was a leggings and long shirts bonanza for this girl over here. Blazers and peplum never made it within a three-mile radius of me during those 9 months. I would have looked awkward as hell, and good god, those clothes don't look comfortable.

But if it works for these gals, more power to them. They look great. I'm guessing their feet are a little swollen when they get home at night from walking on heels so high, but great nonetheless. Congrats, Fergie! Your baby bump is lovely indeed.

Did you dress differently when you were pregnant?


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nonmember avatar ZMommy

She does not look like Kim. She looks like Fergie. They're completely different. You see one has talent and is pregnant by her husband. The other....not so much.

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

Fergie is a classy star who worked a long time at her craft and shouldn't be compared to someone whose whole career began with a pornographic movie...

When I was pg, I couldn't afford to buy maternity clothes so I just wore my regular clothes. I wear suits for work everyday and just stopped zipping the pants as my tummy grew. I had some old stretchy tank tops that I cut off to make "belly bands" to hold my pants up. It just looked like I was wearing layered tanks. Suits are expensive so this was a great option for me.

Outside of work I don't really have a wardrobe so nothing changed there - yoga pants, shorts, long tanks/tees.

ammamtoh ammamtoh

Comparing Fergie to Kdump is a huge insult to Fergie. Fergie is famous for being talented, not a porno tramp. Kdump is nothing but a joke and only got pregnant because she was fading out and the backlash from her fake marriage. Now that she has had her baby, she will fade away, unless she does some other attention wh*$e thing.

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