6 Reasons Kim Kardashian Is More of a 'Girl Mom' Than a 'Boy Mom'

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Kim KardashianHer baby bump is really starting to show, to say the least, and based on Kim Kardashian's pregnancy figure -- I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that she's having a baby girl.

My mom has always claimed that she can tell whether a woman is carrying a boy or girl based on the size of her butt during pregnancy. And if it's really spread out and large -- it means she has a little diva on board. (You know what they say -- girls steal your beauty.) If her theory is true, then Kim is all set to become a "girl mom" and honestly, I just can't see her as anything else.

C'mon -- she's Kim Kardashian, for crying out loud! She's pretty much the queen of girly girls, so she just has to have an adorable little mini-me to pamper, spoil, and dress to the nines. She just has to. (She's wearing ruffles in this pic, need I say more?)

Don't get me wrong, she'll be a great mom no matter what the sex of her baby turns out to be, but still -- Kim really strikes me as a girl mom in every sense of the term.

Don't agree with me? Here are a few reasons why Kim will make a great mom to a little girl.

  1. She's a shopper -- Somehow I'm guessing she'll have better luck convincing a girl to fall in love with venturing in and out of high end boutiques on any given day of the week.
  2. The clothes factor -- Um, any mom who has her own clothing line needs a little girl to dress up in said clothing line. It's just not fair otherwise.
  3. She's a princess -- Well, not literally, but she's Kanye's princess, and she needs a little princess of her own to play princesses with.
  4. OMG. The hair -- Kim's hair is super-gorgeous, and odds are good her baby girl will wind up with the same dark locks. Can't you just picture Kim curling and braiding her mini-me's hair every morning?
  5. Sisterly love -- Kim is super tight with Kourtney and Khloe, and it wouldn't surprise me if she's secretly hoping to have a daughter so the family bond can extend down to her too.
  6. She'll so be a dance mom -- Which is easier to picture? Kim watching her daughter's ballet recital, or Kim doing the soccer mom thing at the local fields? Yep. Ballet it is.

Do you think Kim is having a girl or boy?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

WHAT is she wearing?! I....I just....I'm speechless.

Texas... TexasGirl512

She has some nerve owing a clothing line while dressed like that!

2nino... 2ninos4me

I have always thought that she is carrying a girl . Her child will have pretty hair , that is if he/she gets thst from her because otherwise that baby will get an afro

2cent... 2centsCDN

The last thing this world needs is another Kardashian princess!

ladyj... ladyj061370

To "2ninos4me" what does that mean her child will have pretty hair or otherwise an afro??? Is that a racist comment?

Karen Dowling-Barth

What is she wearing?  The clothes she has worn lately look awful!!

thing... thingz123

lady061370, I am trying hard not to process the afro comment as rascist, but as just seriously intolerant in general. It isn't just people with African heritage that can have tightly curled hair, after all. This comment is highly indicative of someone who feels that hair can't be pretty unless it is either straight, has waves or large curls. The implication is that tightly curled hair is unacceptable. Since Kim is drawn to men with African ancestry, perhaps the possibility of having a child who has tightly curled hair isn't repugnant to her.

nonmember avatar K

Gender aside, this baby will be pretty. Kane and Kim both have gorgeous skin tones and combined it'll be amazing. Plus, babies with Afros are the cutest!

happy... happymama2D

Well, I have 2 boys and they literally sucked every bit of pretty from me during pregnancy, so ...... :)
I think Kim seems quite smitten with her nephew, so boy or girl seems irrelevant to me. I think another little boy in the family would be nice since there are so many girls.

headi... headingsouth13

i think she will end up with a girl

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