'Real Housewife' Kim Zolciak Looks Better Than Ever 6 Months After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

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kim zolciakGuess who left the reality show circuit but isn't quite ready to leave the spotlight just yet?! That's right, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak may have stormed off the show with finger wags and declarations of being "done" with the whole thing, but she's not quite ready to have you leave her alone. The 34-year-old mom of four shared a photo of herself looking hot in a red bikini type thing.

Why should you be impressed? Well, Kim has two babies under 2 and most recently gave birth just back in August.

Clearly she's not motivated to get back into fighting shape for the sake of her TV show, since, you know, she quit, so Kim's inner strength must come from elsewhere.

Not one to love to exercise or eat right, who knows how Kim lost the baby weight, but whatever she did, it worked. Perhaps some of those full body wrap, jump on the trampoline sessions really paid off. Supposedly, though, Kim hired a personal trainer to whip her ass back into shape.

Losing the weight you gain during pregnancy varies from woman to woman. Beyonce allegedly only ate lettuce for a few months to shed the 60 pounds she gained carrying Blue Ivy, Jessica Simpson used Weight Watchers to help her get back on track, and Jennifer Lopez trained for a triathalon.

Not many of us have the motivation of a prying paparazzi lens to make us head to the gym, but somehow even we regular folks, Kim Zolciak included, can shed the baby poundage and end up looking better than ever.

Were you bikini-ready six months after baby?


Photo via kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krelia

She is a very hideous woman.

Savona Simpkins Brady

She turned into a nasty spoiled...... but I did like her. You know what they say "Be careful on your way up because you pass the same people on your way down". His money is not going to last forever and she spends it so fast and foolishly. That could ruin her marriage too. If that happens she's going to wish she stayed with tv. Her body I am sure she had help. Plastic surgery, lipo, or something because Kim always stated she hates exercise and she's lazy. Good luck but I hope you change that attitude.

Net1957 Net1957

Gross! I wish she would disappear off of television!

nonmember avatar sarah

butter face...

nonmember avatar kelyn

I see there are a bunch of haters on here. Kim's ability to snap back into shape is just in her DNA. And if she did have a lil help from the medical department, so what. I'm sure Kept doesn't mind spending money on his beautiful wife regaining her bod after carrying his baby. Kim and Kroy both come from somewhat humble beginnings, no offense meant. So, I feel like their money can be made to last a lot longer without the pressure of having to spend it for the cameras. I wish them nothing but a great future. They seem to be genuinely in love and understand each other.

Keran... Kerannmer

Great body, hideous taste in swimsuits (and most of her wardrobe).

Kate Cooley

Good for her. Now someone do something about that blown-out tire on her mouth masquerading as her lips.

Anna Maria

Her body looks great...but what's up with her face? Sheesh! eeek!


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