11 Reasons Guys Are More Afraid of Your Pregnancy Than You Are

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pregnanyMy husband was a little more freaked out by my pregnancy than I was when we were expecting. And, come to think of it, most guys I know were a little more on edge than their wives were when they were pregnant. Kind of hilarious. Kind of adorable. I guess there's a lot more to be anxious about when you're not the one experiencing pregnancy yourself -- you have no idea what's going on.

Here are 11 reasons guys are more afraid of pregnancy than you are -- straight from guys' mouths.

1. "My buddy's wife had gotten sick from eating deli meat when she was pregnant -- something about the way it's prepared makes it bad for them or something. Every time my wife was near a sandwich, I was scared she'd eat it." --Jared, 34

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2. "I kept hearing stories about not getting any sleep at all. That freaked me out." --Barry, 45

3. "I was nervous I wouldn't be there when my wife went into labor." --Jeff, 33

4. "I was scared the baby would look like me." --Bart, 64

5. "I started getting super concerned about money once we found out my wife was pregnant." --David, 33

6. "I knew I was going to forget everything we learned in that class when my wife went into labor. And I did." --Brent, 36

7. "I was nervous I installed the car seat wrong." --Jeff, 33

8. "It's such a cliche, but I was afraid of ... poking the baby during sex." --Dude Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous, 35

9. "Towards the end of my girlfriend's pregnancy, I got scared whenever she drove. You never know, man. One fender bender and it could be a bad scene." --Scott, 36

10. "I was nervous about having to take care of a baby. I had never even held a newborn before, and I can barely take care of myself!" --Brad, 39

11. "Poop." --Bill, 36. I texted Bill back, asking if he was scared of his wife pooping during delivery, or baby poop in general. He's yet to respond.

What was your husband/partner scared of while you were pregnant?


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nicol... nicolemead91

The last ones pretty good lol. hes probably afraid of both lol her pooping during delivery and the baby pooping as soon as hes in his daddys arms. lol.

ashhh... ashhhes16

Number 4 is totally my husband lol now he says I am glad our daughter is the spitting image of you lol she is 17 month.

momma... mommajenn818

My husbad was so afraid I'd get post partum depression. After I had the baby he walked on eggshells, made sure I got enough sleep and kept making all my favorite foods. He was so sweet.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

My husband was scary of me being high risk and having preeclampias again because he knew how much of toll it took on me the first time but he knew going though it once I will be able to get though it again and he was amazed of how well I did this time around espcially after having another c section.

Amanda Solita Shovlin

my husband hated cutting the cord. He did it for our first but refused for our second lol. And might be TMI but he hated the excess mucus I had towards the end of the pregnancy with number 2

Colin Stone

I'm a fathr of 3 and i totally agree with #11. not a fan of poop.

Courtney Cifuni

my husband freaked when i said "ow" during my c-section considering i barely flinched at a single contraction (i was in labor for almost 48 hours).  he thought that i was going to die on the operating table and when the doctor said "dad, come meet your daughter" he was too busy staring nervously at me and i had to tell him to go.  His response was "i have a daughter?" duh, we've been expecting this for a few months now.

amand... amandabananda

You probably stumped the last guy, and he's now fainted somewhere.  I bet he didn't even think of poop during the delivery! lol

femal... femaleMIKE

my husband hasn't said anything about what scares him. I am sure he is nervous.

What scares me is the poop, lol.  I watched a child birth at 17 years old and the fact that she pooped in front of everyone scared me.  All 4 of us was able to see everything come out.   The afterbirth mess that I read about.

shell3m shell3m

lol, everytime I feel a twinge and make a sound my boyfriend looks over me like I'm about to pop the baby out!  LMAO!!!  it's ok dear, calm down, I'll let you know..lol

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