11 Reasons Guys Are More Afraid of Your Pregnancy Than You Are

pregnanyMy husband was a little more freaked out by my pregnancy than I was when we were expecting. And, come to think of it, most guys I know were a little more on edge than their wives were when they were pregnant. Kind of hilarious. Kind of adorable. I guess there's a lot more to be anxious about when you're not the one experiencing pregnancy yourself -- you have no idea what's going on.

Here are 11 reasons guys are more afraid of pregnancy than you are -- straight from guys' mouths.


1. "My buddy's wife had gotten sick from eating deli meat when she was pregnant -- something about the way it's prepared makes it bad for them or something. Every time my wife was near a sandwich, I was scared she'd eat it." --Jared, 34

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2. "I kept hearing stories about not getting any sleep at all. That freaked me out." --Barry, 45

3. "I was nervous I wouldn't be there when my wife went into labor." --Jeff, 33

4. "I was scared the baby would look like me." --Bart, 64

5. "I started getting super concerned about money once we found out my wife was pregnant." --David, 33

6. "I knew I was going to forget everything we learned in that class when my wife went into labor. And I did." --Brent, 36

7. "I was nervous I installed the car seat wrong." --Jeff, 33

8. "It's such a cliche, but I was afraid of ... poking the baby during sex." --Dude Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous, 35

9. "Towards the end of my girlfriend's pregnancy, I got scared whenever she drove. You never know, man. One fender bender and it could be a bad scene." --Scott, 36

10. "I was nervous about having to take care of a baby. I had never even held a newborn before, and I can barely take care of myself!" --Brad, 39

11. "Poop." --Bill, 36. I texted Bill back, asking if he was scared of his wife pooping during delivery, or baby poop in general. He's yet to respond.

What was your husband/partner scared of while you were pregnant?


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