What LeAnn Rimes' Pregnancy Could Mean for Brandi Glanville

LeAnn RimesWe've heard rumors before, but word has it that this time LeAnn Rimes is pregnant for real. Or so says OK! magazine, based on reports that she was seen leaving the OB-GYN with Eddie Cibrian by her side.

Her rep says the report is false, so maybe she is, maybe she isn't, but it's probably bound to happen at some point soon. Sources say she's "a hundred percent trying for a baby" and they just bought a huge new home with plenty of room for a nursery. So if not now, soon.

Of course, whenever it comes to anything LeAnn does, we all want to know how her arch enemy Brandi Glanville is going to react. In this case, I think it's pretty clear what's going to happen if/when LeAnn is pregnant.

It might finally put an end to their feud once and for all. Now I'm not saying they're ever going to be BFFs, but there's something about a baby that really puts life in perspective for you. It makes you look at what once seemed to be big huge deals as a ridiculous waste of time. You start to realize how precious time is and how much better love is than hate.

Sure Brandi has kids and continues with the bickering, but if LeAnn would stop, I'm pretty sure Brandi would. Plus, Brandi's the one who was totally scorned here, so she has a right to be angry. LeAnn is just petty and jealous as far as I'm concerned, and probably bored based on what we've seen. There's no time to be bored when you have a baby.

Things are really getting ugly lately with Brandi saying she's "worried for her sons' safety when they're with LeAnn", and LeAnn's rep accusing Brandi of having a drinking problem and calling her a narcissist. It's not good for either of them, nor is it good for the children to hear these things and be caught in the middle.

While I'm not going to comment on how well-equipped I think LeAnn is for motherhood, I do think it could be good for both her and Brandi's mental health if she is indeed pregnant. After all, they say a baby changes everything. Hopefully?

How do you think LeAnn's pregnancy would affect her feud with Brandi Glanville?


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Melan... MelanieJK

Well her career is in need of a post-baby weight loss spokesman revival.    

 A baby should never be considered as a possible solution  to relationship or mental health problems.    They should only be considered by those who have good relationships and mental health.  

Serab... Serabelle

I think Brandi would be happy if LeAnn had a kid. in her book she says so. She feels that LeAnn having her own kid will give her insight into how much she hurts Brandi when she calls Jake and Mason hers. They aren't hers, they are Brandi's. She already stole Brandi's husband, she shouldn't be trying to steal her kids too. Having her own may get her to back off the boys a bit. I think LeAnn is disgusting. I think any married woman that goes after a married man is disgusting.

mxtrisha mxtrisha

I agree with you Serabelle  LeAnn is disgusting in every way in my book. I  only hope that if she is pregnant that she will face the facts about her mental health issues and make sure she is not harming  this child also..


Diann... Diannebeat

Totally agree with the above comments I can't stand Leann she's a smarmy bitch !!! I honestly have my fingers crossed that he leaves her, they do say karma's a bitch !!! Iv read Brandi's book and if I couldn't b as restrained as she's been when it comes to her kids , Leann knows exactly what buttons she's pushing

Joanne Hester

I agree with the above comments every one seem to cover it completely and I agree!

Jessie Ong

i am hoping that leeanne will have a baby soon (before eddie start to cheat on her, God forbid!)... then she will realize how insensitive she has been to the mother of her husband's children ...  in the interview with brandi, she is realistic because she said she wants leeanne to be happy in her married life because it would be good for her children...in a way, she wants to have peace with the now wife of the father of her children because she accepted that leeanne is a part of her boys life now... now even if leeanne is not saying mean things to her, her publisist did so in short, it is also her who is keeping on hitting the ex-wife of her husband.. it is not healthy... it means the war goes on?

nonmember avatar Tina

Did anyone stop & think that maybe the crazy one & her gigolo were at the OB/GYN because he gave her an STD? Ugh...

Bella Bustamante

Why would she risk getting pregnant?..I mean lets be real, wasn't Brandi pregnant when Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn?...Oh yeah, KARMA!!!

Kathie Fast

I don't think Eddie will cheat on Leann. I mean look at well he hid it from Brandi and for so long while he was supporting her. Leann supports him so i bet he hides it really really well from her. He should get into soap operas if he wants to make it as an actor, a lying, cheating man is all he would have to portray and it would come so naturally lol

nonmember avatar sebring2206

Once a cheater always a cheater

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