Kim Kardashian's Leather Maternity Attire Makes Everyone But Her Hot & Uncomfortable


Kim Kardashian leatherShe's definitely not the type of mom-to-be who lets a baby bump get in the way of looking trendy and fashionable, but I can't help but be a bit puzzled as to why Kim Kardashian is wearing leather during her pregnancy.

Yes, leather. As in hot, sticky, confining, uncomfortable leather. And it's not like Kim got a wild vibe once and decided to go for an edgy, leathery look. Nope. She was spotted in Beverly Hills in black leather pants, and last Sunday, she wore a black leather dress to Darey's Love Like a Movie concert in Nigeria.

Ok, so I know she's Kim Kardashian and all, which means she has a certain image to keep up with -- but wearing leather while pregnant? Really?!?

I never would've dreamed of trying to cram my growing body into any sort of leather attire while I was expecting my son. Trying to move around in a dress or pair of pants I could barely breathe in due to my expanding belly sounds horrific enough -- and then there's the boob factor. Um, take a good look at Kim in the black leather dress again, and pay attention to her top half in particular.

OMG. Are those babies packed tight into the top of the dress or what? Man, my boobs hurt simply by looking at Kim in this little number.

Somehow she's managed to get away with wearing leather up until this point, but if Kim wants to be able to move freely for the remainder of her pregnancy, she may want to seriously consider switching over to more breathable, loose-fitting fabrics. Going for comfort over style is definitely something her baby bump (and her boobs) will thank her for in the long run.

Would you ever dream of wearing leather while pregnant?


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silve... silverdawn99

honestly she looks okay

as long as she likes it and its not harming her baby i dont see the big deal

nonmember avatar sarah

leave her alone. she looks better pregnant than most women look not pregnant.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

I wouldn't not wear leather.. Come on, it's Kim K... Why are we surprised at anything she does or wears?

nonmember avatar leeshka

What I've gathered from reading two of your articles is that you're the clothes police? Who gives a holy living shit what you think she should be wearing. When I was knocked up, my tits were even more AMAZING than usual, and I put those bad boys front and center. Do you just feel bad about yourself so you feel the need to tear down some twit who is *literally* only famous for being famous? Definitely what my kiddo would call a "bucket tipper". Is she total trash for getting herself pregnant while still married to another man? Totally. Is she ridiculously vapid and useless? ABSOLUTELY. Does it matter if she wants to wear leather? Nope. Not even a little bit. Not everyone needs to conform to a "breathable, loose-fitting fabrics" look. Heck, I bet if she did wear something breathable and loose-fitting you'd jump on her for doubling in size overnight. Furthermore, now I'm defending a Kardashian. I might as well shoot myself now.

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