Luxury 'Maternity Suites' Promise to Make Childbirth As Relaxing & Fun As a Day At the Spa

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Amenities include a four-poster king sized bed, remote controlled sound system with in-wall speakers, 110-gallon Jacuzzi tub, access to the onsite health club, walnut vanity, polished wood floors, and of course a private toilet with bidet. It sounds like the sort of pampering you'd get at a 5-star hotel … except maybe for the curious detail that the oversized shower includes a squatting bar. As it turns out, all these luxuries and more are part of the growing trend of deluxe maternity suites.

If you're willing to pay the cost, that is. Comfort doesn't come for free, but as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center explains, "… these suites provide the special touches that enhance the postpartum experience, making it more pleasant and memorable for the new mother and her family."

The question is, are these pleasantries worth $1,000 or more per day?

Maternity suites offer everything from stocked kitchenettes to personal doulas, and high profile patients like Jessica Simpson and Beyonce are shining the spotlight on this modern option for childbirth. Deluxe rooms come with gourmet food services, spa-style robes, flat screen TVs, WiFi, and access to a concierge. Some places even arrange for in-room salon services, in case you want to take a break from labor with a quick trim and mani-pedi.

A spokesperson for St. Joseph's in Tampa Bay lauded the comfort and technology available in their birthing suites:

The first thing you are going to notice how large the room, how pleasing to the eye. We've hidden all the important emergency equipment such as oxygen and suction. If the patient calls for pain medicine, the pain text message would be routed to the nursing phone. If the patient would like water or use the restroom, it would send a message to the scrub tech's telephone.

Of course, all these fancy options come with a pricetag that isn't covered by insurance. New York's Lenox Hill's private rooms start at $850, and a three-room two-bath suite at Cedars costs $4,030 per day.

Honestly, it's a little hard for me to imagine making good use of those expensive luxury accommodations, since my personal childbirth experiences involved lying flat on my back while undergoing surgery. I'm not entirely certain most laboring mothers will fully appreciate the "spa-style robe" or on-call manicurist, but to each their own. If you can afford it, why not enjoy an upscale room while still feeling secure in your preferred hospital environment?

(Although I have to say, it bugs me that the ability to call for pain medication or use the bathroom is touted as a luxury feature.)

The only thing that gives me hesitation about this fancy maternity trend is the way those "special touches" are described as being so integral to the birthing experience. As most of us with children know, everything that seemed SO important about the details of birth paled greatly in comparison to the actual purpose of the birth. I wonder how many moms end up sitting in their beautifully decorated rooms, looking down at the babe in their arms -- and realizing that they didn't need to pay an extra dime to have everything they ever wanted.

What do you think about these luxury maternity suites? Would you book one if you could afford it?

Image via Puget Sound Birthing Center

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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I would totally book one if I could afford it. My post partum experience with my second was horrible. I was in a room with two other people, both of which were rude & obnoxious. I had no peace and demanded to be released after 24 hrs because of how bad it was. If the standard was the same across the board-small, one person recovery rooms. Then that would be fine. I don't need granite countertops and a jacuzzi or any of that nonsense. But I would like some peace & quiet to recuperate and bond with my baby before going home to wing it alone. 

nicol... nicolemead91

If i could afford it i would defff book a room in advance and then go get prego! LMAO 

i will most likely never see the inside of one of those rooms but i can sure keep dreaming! lol

nonmember avatar NoWay

The hospital where I gave birth has a nice maternity ward with private rooms that don't really look like hospital rooms. They are very "homey" and the medical equipment is there, but pushed out of the way until it is needed. It had a whirlpool tub, too. That's where I did most of my laboring.

small... smallfryes

OMG!!!  The room in the picture is the exact same room I delivered two of my children in!

That's a picture from the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, Washington, correct?

The birth of my fourth and fifth child was so incredibly easy and fast and the whole prenatal care was so noneventful that they credited me about $1500 from my total bill, but then the birth center is not as expensive as the above costs.  It's just a really nice birth center with trained, professional midwives on the eastside of Seattle.

I got to use the spa tub for my fourth but not for my fifth - by the time I got to the birth center, it was time to push.  :P

nonmember avatar Thinker

To be honest, I was so focused on labor I didn't pay attention to my surroundings or the ammenities (or lack thereof). The 2 days post-partum were a blur too - just trying to rest and figure out my little one. I don't see the mom having a lot of time or ability to appreciate such nice surroundings. I'm sure the birth partner and/or family appreciate it though.

kelti... kelticmom

I would! I gave birth in a Woman's hospital, where pretty much all they do is deliver babies and do gyno related surgeries. I had a fairly large room w a large bed and hardwood floors, flat screen, etc. It also had a large tub in the bathroom (that I didn't get to use unfortunately). I didn't want to leave, even after three days! Lol The food was awesome too.

nonmember avatar Sally

Well... I AM gonna give birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, BUT... The finances doesn't really allow me to go all in like that. If money weren't an issue I might consider it, but at the same time... I think it's gonna be all about the baby and not the surroundings. So it might not be worth it...

littl... littlebabybliss

Check into your local birth center... birthsuites are nothing new and are very attainable. Mine was amazing, plus its cheaper and safer than any hospital would be.  Take a tour!

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Love it! Would do it! But I'm staying at home where it's even more comfortable not to have to pack a bag and drive somewhere lol

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