Newborn Comes Back to Life 2 Hours After Being Declared Dead

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newborn feetAre you sitting down? If not, you might want to take a seat (and a deep breath) before hearing one of the most incredible birth stories you'll probably ever hear.

This past Sunday morning, a 20-year-old pregnant woman in Toronto was feeling ill, so she and her mother ventured outside and attempted to walk to the hospital even though the temperature was below freezing. The woman went into labor along the way, and wound up giving birth to a baby girl on the frozen sidewalk.

Someone called 911, but sadly, when the paramedics arrived, they could not revive the newborn and she was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. Her body was covered with a sheet, and two police officers stayed with the body until the coroner arrived.

And that's when something absolutely miraculous happened.

Even though she'd been "dead" for nearly two hours, one of the police officers noticed a little movement underneath the sheet. He thought to check and take the baby's pulse -- and she did, indeed have one. At that point, the officers alerted hospital staff, and low and behold, they found that the baby girl was alive.

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She's now doing well and recovering, and we can only imagine how astonished, grateful, and ecstatic her mother must be.

OMG. In a matter of a few hours, this woman went into labor in frigid temperatures, gave birth on a sidewalk, suffered the loss of her baby girl -- and then had her come back from the dead in a crazy twist of fate. Talk about a range of emotions!

Can you even begin to imagine what must have been going through her head when the doctors told her that her baby girl was alive -- before she'd even had a chance to process the fact that she'd died?

Wow. And what if those police officers had not been told to stay with the baby's body? What if no one had noticed she still had a pulse until it was too late?

It's almost as if those two particular officers were on duty that day thanks to some higher power who knew that tiny baby's life depended on them being there with her when she started to move. Call it meant to be. Call it a one-in-a-million coincidence. Whatever you make of it, this baby's entrance into this world was nothing short of an amazing miracle.

If you were this baby's mother, what would you do to thank those police officers?


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nonmember avatar Stacey G

Someone called 911, but no one drove or let the girl sit in their warm car??

babym... babymama8787

:) it wasnt her time! good bless her and her family!! and the police officers that happen to be on duty as well!!

nicol... nicolemead91

THATS AMAZING! god wasnt ready for this lil angel to come back to him yet! this truly is just a wonderful story. If i was the mother of that little girl, i would be eternally greatful to have my daughter with me. Truly a blessing! Im so happy that the police officers were there or this story would probably be ending alot sadder..

Mommy... Mommy4566

Beautiful story!!!! 

momma... momma0ffive

Stories like these never cease to amaze me!

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Sweet story but how come every time a doctor is wrong its divine intervention?

ninag... ninag1980

Looks like someone had 2 guardian angels!

Rebecca Alshawi

so heart touching thank god for this little mircle

nonmember avatar kickerette3130

Omg that's truly amazing!!! O have 2 kids.. 2 yo and 7 months.. n i couldn't imagine the feelings that mother is going through after losing her daughter n then being told she's alive.. god was definitely with that family that day.. hoping the little girl is doing well.. she and the family r in my prayers!!

headi... headingsouth13

so glad this little one is still with us

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