Kate Officially Debuts Baby Bump & It's Unbelievably Adorable (PHOTOS)

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kate middleton baby bumpI wish there was some way I could've gotten royal trumpet fanfare to automatically play when you clicked on this post, because if royal trumpet fanfare was ever in order, now's the time. Are you sitting down? If you are, get up. You're going to want to stand for this one. Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has officially debuted her baby bump -- and it's more glorious and lovely than any of us could have ever dreamed.

In addition to the photo to the left, check out this bad boy:

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kate middleton baby bump

I mean, come on. Is that not one of the most perfect, adorable baby bumps you've ever seen? And marinate on this for a second, will you? The future King or Queen of England is in that little belly; tiny scepter in undeveloped hand and all. Insane.

Kate got off to a rough start with her pregnancy -- it's nice to see she's feeling better and has finally got that highly-coveted pregnancy glow. I am counting down the minutes until she has a big ol' baby bump.

But we don't want to rush things. Let's enjoy this.

How adorable is Kate's baby bump?

Images via WPA Pool/Getty

kate middleton


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lobus lobus

For someone who complains about getting photographed and undue attention to her pregnancy she is reeeaaallly stickin it out and making sure people notice her barely there bump.

nonmember avatar kimL

She's not sticking it out! Don't be so mean.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I'm happy for Kate and William! They are going to be amazing parents :)

nicol... nicolemead91

so what if she was sticking it out!???!! its her body and its her and williams baby! if she wants to poke out her belly for the world to see her growing baby so what!?!!! who cares? im just glad that she got over the crazy insane morning sickness! seriously ladies..lighten up! why does it even matter if shes ''reeeeaaalllly sticking it out" ??? I was proud when i was preggo and i of course i wanted to show off my bump. Thats all this woman is doing is showing the world her growing baby! geezzeeee

amber... amberdotsmom

No win situation there - she wears things similar to her normal wardrobe people like Kim say she's showing the bump off, she wears anything looser and people will either say she's trying to hide it and call her ridiculous because we know she's pregnant or they'll complain she wants attention by wearing maternity clothes to early.  I think she looks pretty good in that picture but people are going to be watching her belly growth and fashion choice right up to the royal delivery (and even then someone will probabaly find a way to complain about how she looked in the hospital gown)

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