Woman Accuses Hospital of Stealing Her Baby After She Gives Birth, but the Truth May Be Even Weirder

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baby bootiesThe accusation is shocking and horrific if true. Layane Santos, 19, says she was 38 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital in December. She passed out at some point during what she says was a C-section, and her baby daughter, whom she'd already named Sofia, was gone before she ever saw her -- stolen right from her womb.

But doctors at Santa Casea de Maua, the Brazilian hospital where the woman was treated, say that's not the case. According to The Sun, they say Santos was never actually pregnant. Instead they say she was suffering from a "phantom pregnancy" or "psychological pregnancy."

Santos vehemently disagrees. She says she received prenatal care throughout her pregnancy, and nurses measured her baby and heard her heartbeat.  A doctor, Uesley Lima, says she was involved in Santos' prenatal care and will be a witness, which definitely adds more questions.

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Santos  told The Sun, "I can’t believe that a child who weighed 7lbs could just disappear in blood. I think they stole the baby, or the baby died while she was being delivered and they didn’t want to tell us what happened."

It does sound bizarre, but phantom pregnancies do happen. According to Psychology Today, the condition known as pseudocyesis, occurs in 1 to 6 of every 22,000 pregnancies. Doctors say it often happens when a woman "obsesses over pregnancy out of desire or fear." They may have many of the symptoms of pregnancy; some even begin lactating.

It's such a strange story, and heartbreaking no matter which way it turns out. I suppose there's the possibility that she was pregnant and her baby was stolen. But if that's the case, it should be quite easy to prove via medical records, which the hospital says it can do though hasn't yet. My guess is that she was likely never really pregnant and it was as doctors say, really a psychological condition -- as hard as it may be for Santos to accept. Either way, however, I hope she gets the answers and help she needs.

What do you think of this story?

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JessL... JessLogansMommy

I just read an article that stated that the doctor who gave her prenatal care will be a witness against the hospital.  

mommy... mommyof5cutties

Actually yeah its okay grammar/spelling nazi probably feels accomplished now...

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

THe headless baby took place at the hospital where my kids were deilvered different doctor but still Very scary.

the4m... the4mutts

Whether I was right or not on where it took place (which is why I said IF I'm correct) isnt really the point I dont think.

There is still something incredibly "off" about the whole thing, and that whole hospital still needs to be investigated.

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

1) if she wasn't really pregnant why would tgey give her a c-section? Wouldn't tgey have done some monitoring or checking to see what was going on with the baby?

2) If she had an ultrasound and has a doctor to back up her claims, which she obviously does, i wonder how they are going to explain all of this?

3) I wonder if they sold the baby? It isn't the first time that a young mother was taken advantage of and had her baby taken illegally.

4) If she wasn't sold then I believe she died due to the doctor during delivery and he is trying ti cover his tracks.

5) Why would there be medical records at the hospital? If they are covering their butts it would be easy to get rid of all records or fabricate new ones.

This sounds fishy all around and a total nightmare for this poor mom. I hope she learns what really happened.

Tiffany Emerald

doctor & all this nurses & junk should be arrested. i cant believe yall are actually wondering if its true that the girl was pregnant. of course she was. of course something bad happpened. I pray to God that she finds out what happened to her baby soon

lustfull lustfull

there was a doctor involed with prenatal appointments....you only have those with a baby inside you

Misty Lemon White

Yeah, if it was a phantom pregnancy or a psychological condition, the actual pregnancy test would be negative and they wouldnt have gone through 30+ weeks of prenatal care.  Something stinks about this whole story.

Andraia DrDre Caswell

There is definitely something being covered up here! I hope she finds out what really happened. She obviously was pregnant if she was receiving care and having ultrasounds, even knew the baby's sex. I would be fighting this to the max if I was her.

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