Mom Gives Hospital Permission to Live Tweet & Broadcast Her C-Section (VIDEO)

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If you ever wanted to know what it's like to have a c-section, here is your chance! A 39-year-old mom has given Women's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, permission to live tweet her cesarean with photos and video! No guts, no glory.

It was amazing to see. A beautiful birth with emotion and love even though some think that's impossible with a c-section. This will educate and most definitely scare the living daylights out of some people. Blood. Guts. Organs being moved around. A screaming infant. Prepare yourselves because you're about to learn what really goes down (and out) with a cesarean birth.

The mother's name will not be revealed, but we do know she scheduled this type of birth due to a previous cesarean delivery. It's unknown why they didn't want to attempt a VBAC. OB/GYN Anne Gonzalez performed the surgery and reminded those fearful of having birth the old-fashioned way, "... a cesarean delivery is still a surgery with associated risks and should only be performed if necessary."

Here are some of the tweets from @houstonhospital:

Since patient has had previous C-section, incision was made along the scar line...

A smaller area of cutting is done in the middle of fat layer until a tough, fibrous layer called “fascia”

The Fascia: a sheet of connective tissue covering or binding together muscle

The incision is approx. 4 inches.

Ruptured Membranes.

Surgeon is cautious during this incision as the bladder may be within close proximity to incision

A retractor called "bladder blade" used to pull lowest part of the opening downward (toward patient's feet)

Gentle traction is used to deliver the head

The baby’s head is now exposed and can be pushed through the uterine incision into the world

Happy Birthday!

You can read them all and see step-by-step video of the entire c-section on their Twitter feed, but here is the moment of birth. Warning: Graphic Video.

That moment a baby is born -- vaginal or through a pocket in mama's belly -- is pure magic. I believe my c-section helped save my life and the lives of my twins after I got HELLP syndrome. My experience having a cesarean was traumatic, with a challenging recovery. But this mom is going into birth knowing what to expect. It's planned and she's had one before. There wasn't that chaotic, emergency feeling I had. Sometimes a c-section is necessary. And here we see how even in these situations, birth is beautiful. For any mom struggling with the fact she had to have a cesarean, you can see the love this doctor shows when baby is born. It's still a beautiful moment -- and much like my love letter to c-section moms.

Like Dr. Gonzalez says, it should be reserved for when it's absolutely necessary. Perhaps seeing this video will even make some women who want to elect to have a c-section for no reason realize that vaginal birth is the better option.

You can view more on Twitter, #MHbaby, or

What do you think of this live tweet of a cesarean birth? Did you watch the videos?

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nonmember avatar keisha


three... threeisenuff

I had an amazing nurse when Finley was born who took the camera away from my husband so that he wouldn't be preoccupied with trying to take pictures, but could actually pay attention to what was going on.  She took over 100 pictures that showed the whole process.  You could almost flip them and watch it like a movie.  I treasure those pictures so much.  I felt like a failure after the first one because I didn't do it "naturally" but came to terms with my situation and accepted it with the other two.  They weren't any less born because the came a different way!

ashjo85 ashjo85

That's incredible. The nurses and doctors move so fast... thank god for our competent healthcare professionals.

Chelc177 Chelc177

When I had my daughter I watched a c-section, just in case. I wanted to know what was going on. Well I had an emergency c-section, and it was actually not bad at all. My baby wasn't wisked away, her daddy got to hold her close to me, and he took a photo of her being weighed.  I am choosing to have one this time with my second daughter who is on the way. Again daddy will be there and hopefully again the nurse will take pictures of daddy holding her. One thing I can say that is a big plus is not having to have stitches in my vagina. All I hear from friends is complaining about having stiches down there, and tearing from end to end. People ask me if I feel bad that I had to have a c-section, my answer is no. I am kind of glad I did, and I am glad that my baby came into the world healthy. To me that is the most important thing. 

older... oldermomat41

Awesome video. Both of my children were c-sections and I still refer to the experience as giving birth. I did not feel cheated in any way. I too am so grateful for my awesome OBGYN and staff. Our baby was brought right over to me, my husband was in the room the entire time and I was never away from my baby. I will say I was surprised at how much I bled vaginally after the fact. It never occurred to me that I would bleed for 1-2 weeks after a c-section!

Lizzi... Lizzie1027

Ive had 3 csection and never had seen it from upfront. vaginal or csection its all an incredible experience. I was glad that they let my husband cut the cords and take pictures as they were weighed and hold them next to me. Having a c section is not bad at all as far recovery. Mine were really easy. I dont feel cheated. I feel no matter which way my babies come out i still gave birth to them. Its all worth it to me even if they would have to cut me completely open. Amazing video.



laran... laranadtony

I had 8 csections but I don't remember it being like that. Of course, my view was blocked but my husband went in with the last one and he was amazed.


mrssu... mrssundin

This is amazing. I love it.. god bless this woman and the education that al be provided for others.


I've had 2 and always wondered what it looked like

eeyore13 eeyore13

I had this done because  my twins were breech.  Wondered what it looked like.  My husband saw and we joke how he can truly say he loves me inside and out.

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