Beyonce Reveals How She Lost 57 Pounds of Baby Weight Fast

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BeyonceIf there was ever any doubt that Beyonce is a superhuman force of nature who's fiercely dedicated to both motherhood and her white-hot career as a performing artist, her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey reminds us that she doesn't get her fame from luck -- she works her ass off for it. Literally, in the case of dealing with her postpartum body.

I remember reading once that she'd gained a nontrivial amount of weight during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, but I had no idea she'd gained quite as much as she did. And the crazy part is, she had to get back in fighting form right away after giving birth, because she had to hit the stage just three months later.

Beyonce told Oprah that she didn't quite know what she was getting into by committing to a show so soon after giving birth:

I did a show three months after giving birth, which was crazy. I had clearly never given birth, and I didn't know that I would gain 60 pounds—57 pounds.

I know there's a ton of pressure on women in the entertainment industry to magically snap back to their pre-baby bodies right away, and I sometimes find it refreshing when a star just flat-out says she's not going to worry about it for a while. But in Beyonce's case, she doesn't really come across like she caved to external expectations. She sounds pretty normal and relatable, really -- like a woman who enjoyed her pregnancy and didn't stress over curbing the natural weight gain that happened during that time.

Also, like a woman who found herself faced with the universal challenge of peeling off the extra weight once the baby was on the outside of her body. Most of us have been there, right? Although maybe not quite in her exact situation, because she had just a few months before she had to perform in front of a crowd.

Some celebrities downplay the effort it takes to reclaim their shape, but Beyonce was pretty up front about it. During that show, she reportedly yelled to the audience,

Y'all have no idea how hard I worked. I had to lose 60 pounds! They had me on that treadmill -- I ate lettuce!

Dude, you know she worked hard. Beyonce works hard at everything she does, it seems, and I'm sure she moved heaven and earth to get that Sasha Fierce body back.

What I like about Beyonce's story is not that she provides some sort of example every new mother needs to follow, but that she's completely real about how much effort it takes to look like a superstar. I mean, sure, she has all the money and resources in the world at her disposal, but that doesn't mean it was easy. She's a reminder that it isn't even remotely 'normal' to be in amazing shape three months after giving birth … but it's not impossible, either. I find this both soothing and inspiring, somehow.

Plus, I love what she has to say about her self-image since becoming a mom:

Right now, after giving birth, I really understand the power of my body. I just feel my body means something completely different. I feel a lot more confident about it. Even being heavier, thinner, whatever. I feel a lot more like a woman. More feminine, more sensual. And no shame.

What do you think about Beyonce's approach to losing weight after pregnancy? Do you think she set an unhealthy example?

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kalisah kalisah

It kind of bothers me that she drops weight in a really unhealthy way. Remember how she lost all that weight for Dreamgirls? She quit eating and drank hot water and tabasco tea or some crazy shit. I mean, "I ate lettuce"??? Come on.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

She lost it by never being pregnant to begin with.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I think it's sad that she was so focused on her body and weight loss immediately after giving birth. Eating lettuce? That's just unhealthy.

nonmember avatar Heather

I could lose a fake fifty pounds instantly too if I'd had a surrogate..

posh777 posh777

I agree with Elizabeth and Heather, Beyonce should come clean about her employing a surrogate and her fake pregnancy in general.

Samfan97 Samfan97

Yeah, I don't see how it is even possible to lose 30 to 35 lbs (the approximate residual weight after giving birth) that quickly in any kind of safe manner. And look good after? I have never heard of her employing a surrogate but that seems much more believable.

Maria Hunt

@samfan97...That was the big controversy around her baby....thats she used a surrogate. When she "gave birth" she decended onto the hospital with her own security detail and her hubby and basicly held the entire ward hostage. There was even parents who had newborns in the NICU who weren't allowed past her security guards to see their sick babies at the time. Major contracts were required to be signed by all staff.  It was a huge fiasco.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Wow. See I never believed she was pregnant to begin with. I certainly do NOT believe she gained 60 lbs. No way in hell. You can look at her before/supposed during/after pics and can see there wasn't much if any change, let alone 60lbs.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

She had a surrogate...she really needs to give it up already. Everyone can see that she was never pregnant...

Erin Miller

Even if she wasn't pregnant who's right is it our to say? Imagine if you were pregnant gave birth and nobody believed it was really your baby?

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