'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Says Stress Caused Her Miscarriage: Could She be Right?

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leah messerTeen Mom Leah Messer is still thinking about the miscarriage she had after divorcing Corey Simms and meeting now-husband Jeremy Calvert in early 2012. What caused Leah to miscarry at eight weeks? "I don't know if it was the stress or what," Leah said at the Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

Can stress really cause women to miscarry? A lot of women think so. Leah definitely wanted that baby, even though she was going through some major transitions in her life. She was caught between two different men, she was on a reality TV show, and of course, she's a young mom. That stress was definitely there! But did it really have anything to do with her miscarriage?

Doctors actually have found a link between stress and miscarriage. One study shows that hormones released in times of stress can target mast cells, the cells that trigger allergic reactions. And guess where there's an abundance of mast cells? In your uterus. So stress can start a chain reaction, releasing hormones that switch on those mast cells, which in turn can cause a miscarriage.

Expecting moms, sounds like the link between stress and miscarriage isn't all in your head! Of course, not everyone who gets stressed out during pregnancy has a miscarriage. Talk to just about any mom, and they'll have stories about the stress they were under (work, financial, relationships) during a pregnancy that turned out fine. But I still think it's something to be aware of.

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We usually can't control the things in our lives that cause stress. (Or they wouldn't be so stressful!) But we can try to carve out time to relax and learn how to manage stress better. And, if you've been trying to get your kids or husband to give you a freakin' break every once in a while, here's some scientific proof to back you up.

Do you worry about too much stress affecting your pregnancy?


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Dana Gibson

I also miscarried at 8 weeks...but it was because i was on b.c for 7 years and got prego right off teh bat......i think it was due to her taking out her iud nd then gettting prego right off the bat as well....you need to not stress during pregnancy...this can be the result.

nonmember avatar lena

I believe her i don't understand why you guys act like all these teen mom lies all the time NOT TRUE I do believe her miscarages do happen cause of stress

Amy Adams

Yes. I belive it could have been stress for leah. I don't know why its so hard for people to belve her when they belive the proven liar Jenelle. Jenlle was never pregant wanted to sale her story for 20,000 I'm sure she also sold the made up miscarriage story as well. I laghed so hard when watching the reunion show when she said the crap to Jaces father about how she is so sick of him saying he changed when he has not... Either has she or will she but her and her mother claimed she has changed daily. if that was true why is jace still with his grandma.


shell... shellyplatz

Yes, I am almost positive that was why I lost my baby

nonmember avatar s geist

Jace may still be with his grandmother because family services want to be 100% sure the mother or father is stable and that can take from months to years. And she willingly signed custody to her mom and her mom isn't just going to hand him over knowing janelles past.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I would think that since stress is a major factor in not getting pregnant, then it could be a cause for miscarriage. Stress just makes your body unhealthy. Everyone does have stress, but sometimes the stress is just too much.

Amanda Thomas

s geist:  why are you talking about Janelle?  It's obvious this article is on Leah....

Anita Tippets

The stress of an abusive relationship coupled with my grandmother's untimely death caused me to suffer a miscarriage at 19 weeks. It is definitely possible.


Lucie Searle Maldonado Simerson

yes stress can cause issues with lossing a baby saddly and she has twins she's still carrying around and needs to eat good amount for baby plus other issues can happen too gene wise between parents and just body things and she's still carrying alot of confusion with issues of  being young and not too sure of what to do between the ex and new man  but hope it works out for her but wish she would slow down alil for the girls sake how many marriges and babies is it going too take before she reliezes to love her self and that it's only going too mess with these lil girls having all these different posing dads in there lifes because mum needs family well what ever the reason leah needs family for she has a very strong family already and the girls are happy but she might need theropy because for what she seeking might damage these girls in a differant way from too many men in and out of their life playing daddy even with cory it might still damage them so I hope leah starts thinking about the girls deep down a bit more for there mental stabability and get theropy her her self and her issue of family before the girls end up in theropy from mum having to many differant men in there lifes i wish you the best leah and those beautiful girls always put them fisrt before everything and they will call you a good mum themselfs and that will touch your heart and know your own sacrafices were worth it in most ways 

nonmember avatar CaseyG.

Half of the teen moms on that show are the perfect example of why young girls shouldn't be parents, but there are others who grow up and prove it can be done well. This girl and Janelle are prime examples that some babies are better off with grandma or never born.

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