Kate Middleton's Bikini Baby Bump Photos Have Been Published!


kate middletonI can't say I'm surprised here. I mean, topless (and bottomless) photos of the Duchess of Cambridge were published, so why not a bathing suit baby bump shot? The same Italian magazine that ran the original scandalous photos of Kate -- Chi -- have thrown caution (and scruples) to the wind again. They went ahead and published pictures of pregnant Kate Middleton wearing a bikini walking along the beach with William. I felt a little dirty looking at them, but I have to say -- she really does have an incredibly adorable baby belly.

Massive invasion of privacy aside, there's a silver lining here: Clearly Kate, who was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum a few short weeks ago, is feeling better. The god-awful morning sickness looks like it's passed, and she seems to be well and blissful strolling along the beach in Mustique (which can't be easy, guys). This has to come as a god-send to both Kate and Wills, because morning sickness (which basically lasts all day) pretty much ruins everything.

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Furthering my speculation that Kate is back to her non-nauseous self is the fact that she's reportedly going to make her second "official" appearance in a few days at Hope House, a treatment center in London for recovering addicts supported by Action on Addiction, one of the charities Kate's associated with. Many thought that in addition to, you know, doing good or whatever, Kate was going to unveil her royal bump there. Bummer that Chi beat her to the punch, but again, it's good that Duchess is evidently back up and at 'em. 

Kate's clearly going to have a much rougher run than most of us while pregnant, being that we all got to gestate in private, but at least she's back to her old self. Having to deal with all this while feeling incredibly nauseous had to have been the absolute worst.

Were you nauseous when pregnant?


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kate middleton


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lobus lobus

How cute. I looked like that my first pregnancy. Didnt really pop til 5-6 months. 2nd pregnancy...yeah not so much. Ha!

carole76 carole76

I really wish they would leave her alone.  I have a feeling that the same thing that happened to Diana will happen to her, somehow the pop will cause her harm, and in a way have already.  If it wasn't for the media, that nurse at the hospital would be still alive.  I looked at the pic, it doesn't even look like her, today anyone can add a face to a pic.  

I didn't have morning sickness.  I was very lucky

Nelli... NellieAthome

Ms Fabien-Weber - if you believe the Italian magazine lacks scruples for taking and publishing photos of the Duchess then what does it say about your scruples that you not only looked at the photos but provided a link so others could look? By doing so you perpetuate the problem.

If people did not look at the photos or buy the magazines then the paparazzi would not be invading people's privacy to take them.

spaya... spayandneuter

I don't believe the Royals got bent out of shape about these photos.  She looks sweet.

Dianne Olson

I had morning sickness for five and a half months....thought I would never keep anything down until finally into the sixth month I finally quit being nauseated and throwing up all the time.
But my son was perfect even though I had to be induced.

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