Gift Guide, Pregnancy: Zen-Seeking Mama

Aroma Wrap

Aroma Wrap in Brown/Blue from Gardener's Supply Company

Yesterday, I shared gift ideas for the Second-Time Mama; today it's the Zen-Seeking Mama-to-Be. You know the type -- stressed out pregnant girl. (I was one myself.) Here are some ideas for things to help her stay calm, comfy, and collected.

Product: Aroma Wrap

Cost: $22

Where to Buy: Gardener's Supply Company

Extras: Warm this aromatherapy wrap in the microwave or chill it and use it cold.

Why I Love It: It's a great way to de-stress -- using it will encourage the mama-to-be to take a little me-time and reeeelax. She can wrap it around her neck to relieve sore muscles or place it against her temples for a tension headache -- the scents of lavendar, rosemary, and clove are proven aromatherapy stars.


Snoogle Total Body Pillow from

Product: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Cost: $50

Where to Buy:

Extras: They're big -- you may have to remind the hubby not to be offended by the new third party in your bed.

Why I Love It: Because getting comfy is key during pregnancy, especially while you sleep. Many, many pregnant mamas swear by their body pillows (I know I did.)

peaceful mama tea

Peaceful Mama Tea from BellyGifts

Product: Peaceful Mama Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby

Cost: $6

Where to Buy: BellyGifts

Extras: You provide the tea cup, lemon, and honey.

Why I Love It: A soothing chamomile-blend tea, made just for mommies-to-be, and all ingredients are 100 percent organic. It's an inexpensive way to encourage a stressed-out mama to slow down and chill out.

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