Kate Middleton Wears a Bikini & Shows Off Her Baby Bump

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kate middletonKate Middleton and Prince William chose to have their babymoon on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique because it's long been known as a secluded and private getaway free of paparazzi and, well, outsiders in general, since the entire island is pretty much by invitation only. But, where there's a will, there's a way, and rumor has it that photos of Kate Middleton pregnant in a bikini are being shopped around. Allegedly, Duchess Catherine was photographed in a teeny bikini, frolicking in the waves with her baby bump in plain sight.

As of now, the paparazzi photos of Kate haven't been published, but I'd be surprised if the pics don't see the light of day pretty soon. I think everyone remembers the nude photo scandal from this summer -- from topless to bottomless to everything in between, photos of the Duchess will always be in high demand.

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Reportedly, there's a bidding war and the pics are expected to go for around $392,000.

It's really a shame she can't find privacy anywhere, but, that said, I'd like to officially claim that I'm the worst because I'm dying to see these pics of her in a bathing suit with the royal baby bump. I can see it now, her tan skin, her cute belly, her pale, toothy Prince fumbling around in the sand in the background ... I'm sure she looks flawless.

Only time will tell if someone ponies up the big bucks for the almost-certainly illegal photos, but until then, we'll just have to imagine how enviable the Duchess looks on a private island. In February. Pregnant. With the future King or Queen of England.

Not jealous. Not jealous one bit.

Do you want to see the photos?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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teddy... teddysmama09

while I'm sure she looks great and I am very happy for her (as I am for all expectant mothers) I really could care less to see her bump pictures, especially considering she did not consent to having them taken. Baby bump pictures (especially exposed bumps) are very personal and the only one who they really mean anything to are the family of that child.

nonmember avatar waity kate

Anyone who can't wait to see another middleton photo ought to go see a psychiatrist. That boring, unattractive old party girl and do-nothing is hardly fascinating. She's an embarrassment to women everywhere who bothered to do something with their educations. Waity only went to college to meet Willie. She's done nothing since then. She's no role model, she's not even mentally an adult - her parents bankrolled her years as Willie's mattress. I miss Diana, who had real class and was an individual.

Debbie DeBruyn


tuffy... tuffymama


Amanda Resendiz

waity kate, you should really learn to stop talking. if you don't like someone, keep their name out of your mouth. scroll past an article that contains someone you dislike. your opinion is not wanted nor was it asked for, move on.

brmull brmull

The Royal Family has the right to privacy. There should be laws against random people taking their picture or writing about them. They diserve to live in anonymity.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

It's not that I dislike the Duchess (I obviously don't know her personally), but I just don't think she has the same outward charm and appeal as Diana. 

zeesmuse zeesmuse

Dear God people. I'm happy for them, but leave her - and them - alone.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

What a deceiving ass headline

Knife Knife

Waily Kate, mind growing up a bit? Your words are thick with envy, and if you properly did your research, you'll find that many of your 'true' claims are a ridiculous product of your jealousy~

Oh, yes, my apologies. Kate does have psychic abilities, thus why her family/her paid the tens of thousands of dollars for her college education -- only at the purpose of her meeting Will!

You'll find that not being bitter lightens up your life, so do us all a favor..? (;

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