The First 8 Weeks: What Your Baby Really Looks Like in the Womb (SHOCKING PHOTOS)

fruit pregnancyOne of the funniest things I remember from my first pregnancy is obsessively reading my weekly pregnancy reports and being shocked when they always said the same thing. My baby was the size of a poppy seed, then a lentil, then a pea, then a lemon.

Why all the food, people? It was actually a great way for me to really see what my baby looked like and kind of envision what was going on inside my belly. But I do remember one particularly stressful morning while grocery shopping, staring at the various lemons and wondering which one my baby was. Let's just say they ranged in size from small to frighteningly large.

So which lemon was it? Seriously, though. The fruits and vegetables. What's up with that? Here is a slide show of eight sizes of babies as told by fruits...  and veggies! See below:


Image via Cyron/Flickr

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