How to Tell if You're Having a Boy or a Girl: 30 Weird Wives' Tales

pregnant woman painted bellyWhen I was pregnant with my second child, I had a feeling it was going to be a girl. I was so much queasier than I remembered being with my first son, and doesn't everyone say that you have more morning sickness when you're pregnant with a girl? Plus, I craved sweet things and tended to sleep on my right side, and I'd heard those were BOTH signs of having a girl.

As it turned out, the wives' tales didn't ring true in my case: the Snickers-craving, right-side-preferring, barfy-making baby I was carrying was all boy. So I don't have any personal experience with the many, MANY sayings about how you can tell what sex your fetus might be -- but it's always fun to revisit the folklore.

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Behold, a plethora of popular ways to predict whether you're having a boy or a girl. No matter what, you've got a 50 percent guarantee of being right!

Did any of these wives' tales correctly predict your baby's sex during pregnancy?

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nonmember avatar carmen

This is so weird my first was a girl. And now that I think of it, just about every single 'clue' for a girl...I had it! Maybe a coincidence but still was a fun article to read! :)

worki... workingmama86

The combining my age with the number of the month I conceived was correct when I was pregnant with both of my boys... that's crazy! lol 

And as for the rest, I can't say I know those to be true for me. I do know with my oldest son, I was puking like crazy throughout the whole pregnancy. With my daughter, i hardly puked. 

nonmember avatar Me

I was barely sick with my two boys and severely nauseaus with my girl, never puked though, for 12 weeks.

I craved sweets and oranges with all of them but i am too lazy to calculate the month theory and its been 6 years, I cant remember their hart rates lol

I was told by everyone I was having a boy by the shape of my stomach every time but I do remember my mom doing the ring thing when I was younger and it predicted three kids, I cant remember the sexes though and as far as im concerened im done having them so at least it got the number right lol

tbruc... tbrucemom

Most of these are just old wive's tales.  However, I didn't get sick with my son and I did with my daughter so maybe that does have some merit for some reason. I can also see getting breakouts with a girl.  I contribute both of them to too much estrogen in one body!

linzemae linzemae

Im carrying really low with a girl.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I carry high with all babies and have 1 girl and 2 boys, soon to be 3 boys. These are all a coincidence. It's fun to read but I have to say I roll my eyes cause so many people actually still believe it.

MaryC... MaryCimino

My mom kept telling me before I had my ultrasound that I was having a boy since I was carrying tight, as in my belly was round not flabby. I'm like ok whatever and it turned out she was right. The wives tail is if the belly is round like a ball it's a boy, if it's flabby like you're just fat it's a girl. Strange I know.

Melis... Melissa1508

Everyone at work was absolutely certain I was having a boy when I was pregnant with my second child.  One even went so far as to tell me my ultrasound (which said GIRL) was wrong and purchased a boy gift.  Ha!  Yes, I returned it when my sweet baby girl was born.

kebrowni kebrowni

I had a boy and I had the most awful acne of my life (and I'd never had it before). All of my friends having girls said that their complexions got better, not worse. I definitely carried low and looked like I'd swallowed a basketball, I preferred to sleep on my right side (which was weird because non-pregnant I sleep on my left) and his heartrate was almost always above 140. And I never got sick, not even once. I know a couple people who the tales could apply to, but most of my friends tended to have the opposite of whatever the wives' tales say.

MrsWi... MrsWifeypoo

the ONLY REAL way to giving birth. Everything that is posted for a "you're having a boy" is how I am now. And i'm having a girl. I was NEVER sick with my 1st daughter. nor my 2 boys. 

It makes me laugh when people are all like...oh since you're doing this...its a "boy/girl". The way to tell is ultrasound. and even then...they could be wrong. but the BEST way is just to go the 40wks and have the baby. 

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