'RHONJ' Teresa Giudice Is Being Pressured to Have a Son by Juicy Joe

Teresa and Joe GiudiceI don't usually feel sorry for Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey; rather, I usually feel sorry for the person whom she's stabbed in the back. But this time, I have to say I'm feeling some twinges of sympathy for her.

It seems her husband, Juicy Joe Giudice, wants a son, and wants one bad. According to a recent In Touch story, even though they have four -- count 'em, four -- beautiful (albeit spoiled) daughters, he's bound and determined to have a son, even if it means hiring a surrogate to have the boy for them. A source told the magazine that Teresa "refuses to get pregnant again," so this may be the only way he's going to get one.

An "insider" told the magazine, "He is really pressuring her. If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.” What a clod.

It's never easy when couples disagree over the number of children they want. The number of children in your family has major impacts on your life ... for life, and no one should be pressured into having a child they don't necessarily want to have. Even if Teresa uses a surrogate and doesn't physically carry a baby, she'll still be caring for him (if they're lucky) or her for life. And yes, it will be her doing most of the work. We've all seen how helpful Joe and his grunts are, and he could be in prison soon anyway.

Meanwhile, he doesn't seem to care about anything but producing a little mini him, and reportedly she's even gone so far to cave as picking out a name for the little guy -- "Franco". Cute, but there will be nothing cute about it if Teresa isn't entirely on board too, and she's reportedly "happy with her family the way it is."

I don't think the woman should always get to make the call in these matters by any means, but I do think that if one partner is truly against having another child, they shouldn't be pressured into having one. That's just a recipe for resentment and other problems. And, as we've seen, their marriage already has plenty of problems (remember those little cheating scandal rumors?).

In this case, Teresa's saving grace may be one of those problems -- their finances. The sources went on to say, "They’re spending a lot redoing their home. It’s very likely they would have trouble affording a surrogate.” So I suppose in some ways that's good news. I mean, can the world really handle another little Joe Giudice

Have you ever felt pressured to have another child when you didn't want one?


Image via Bravo

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tuffy... tuffymama

The world does not need any more of their kids. The ones they have are being ruined.

I've never been pressured to have more kids. I tried so hard to have another baby for years! Finally got him, BTW, and let's just say, be careful what you wish for. LOL. He's a handful!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree Tuffy-please do not reproduce again. Those kids will be scary. I also think Joe and Teresa will lose everything one day, money, house, material stuff then those kids will have to figure it out.

Never been pressured to have kids.

sand008 sand008

I wish. My pregnancy was high risk, the family is too scared for me to have another

Michael C. Maxwell

Who does Juicy Joe think he is, Henry VII?

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