Kate Middleton's Babymoon May Be Ruined by 2 Unwelcome Visitors


Kate MiddletonAww. Right now, Kate Middleton and Prince William are on their babymoon on the pristine island of Mustique -- and we couldn't be happier for them. They definitely deserve a little down time, especially considering how sick Kate was at the beginning of her pregnancy.

And since they only have a few precious months left to savor their time as a couple before their royal baby arrives, it's no surprise that they wanted to vacation in a place where they could be alone, really alone.

Here's the thing, though, they aren't alone on Mustique -- not even close. Get this one -- Kate's parents are there too.

Yes, you read that right. Kate's mum and dad are supposedly on the island for a "winter break," so she and Wills decided they might as well go ahead and crash the party for a few days.

Um, whaaaattt?

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and all, but if my husband and I had taken a babymoon, I highly doubt I would've wanted them to come along. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

The whole purpose of a babymoon is for a couple to enjoy one last hurrah of sorts before their lives get turned upside down and the definition of "vacation" changes for at least a good 18 years or so. Family trips are great and can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to a babymoon, couples really shouldn't spend time with anyone other than each other.

Come July, Kate and William won't be Kate and William anymore. They'll be mom and dad, and if they spend their last trip together chilling out with Kate's mom and dad, they're really going to regret not having those few days to themselves.

Of course, maybe William and Kate figured they'd be less noticeable if her parents were around. If nothing else, having your mum and dad lying next to you on the beach is definitely a great deterrent to engaging in a little nude sunbathing.

Are you taking a babymoon? Is anyone going with you?


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handy... handy0318

Ummmmm..... OK, I understand that Stir bloggers twist just about everything, but honestly, this headline and blog are unreal.... Wills and Kate are joining her folks who are already there.  How does this equate to them having "unwelcome guests" or the parents "coming along".  Who knows, maybe the Middleton's are secretly miffed that their own vacation get away will now be overrun with royals? 

purpl... purpleflower514

Sounds to me like Kate and Wills are the unwanted guests. Who wants their kids to crash their romantic vacation?

Freela Freela

How on earth do they need a 'babymoon' when they will have as much nannying care as they want following the birth? Do you really think  Will and Kate will have a hard time taking a weekend away with a baby?


I think you're the one calling it a babymoon when others are calling it just a vacation or UK style on holiday

Marlio Conner

They are use to people being around now.  I imagine they will have their own separated quarters!!!

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