Formula Mixer: Take It or Leave It?

formula mixer

Prince LionHeart Formula Mixer, $3.99, from Babies R Us

Last week I asked you mamas-to-be if you thought a wipes warmer was a baby essential or not -- and you let me hear from you! This week, I'm thinking about formula -- did you see Cafe Suzanne's post about some formula in the U.S. being tainted with low levels of melamine, the same thing that made babies in China sick recently?

Regardless of the scare, many moms will need or want to use formula at some point -- do you need a gadget to mix it? Let's see what you think.

Item: Formula mixer

Cost: A few dollars to about $15, depending on the model

What it does: Acts sort of like a whisk for baby's formula

Pros: Helps ensure that baby's formula is nice and smooth

Cons: Why mix when you can shake for free?

What do you think?


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