New Baby Name Trend Is Totally Inappropriate

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name tagYou know all of that stressing, negotiating, and pondering you've been doing to pick out just the perfect baby name. Well, relax. If you don't like it, you can always change it down the line. Or at least that's what more and more parents seem to be doing when they get a big case of baby name regret.

We've known for awhile that plenty of parents end up disliking the baby name they once chose. It's not surprising I suppose, as we change our minds about all sorts of things. And when the name you thought was so unique is suddenly everywhere, or you meet a horrible person with the same name and can't shake the association, it can happen. Most people get over it, while other people just change their kid's name. Oh yes, it's happening -- more than you might think.

Some people do it via "common usage," which means calling a child by another name. I've actually known several people who have done that either with nicknames or by using a middle name as the first name when the originally intended name just didn't seem to fit. But others go the full legal route. It's not easy and will usually need to involve an attorney and some fees you'll have to pay, but it can be done if you're determined.

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I don't have stats for the United States, but according to an article in the Daily Record, in Scotland the number of people changing their first name is going up. Last year 3,221 first names were changed, including those of 311 children under age 2 and 1,129 under the age of 16. That's a lot of name changes.

While I suppose it's not the worst thing you can do, it does seem like an easy way out. A name is something we bestow on our children with the intention that it will be for life. To change it just seems fickle, and like a trend packed with problems. If you do it once, what's to stop you from changing your mind again? What about when your kid starts piping up and asking for another?

Names are supposed to be permanent. They're what identify us, and people come to know us by. But they're also just names, and there are a lot more important parenting issues to worry about than to spend time trying to perfect your child's name after the fact. Parents should put extra thought into them in the beginning and be prepared to live with them for life.

Would you ever consider changing your child's name? Do you think it's a good idea for parents to do so?


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nonmember avatar Linda

Most people know for months that there is going to be a baby. And for many years now, you could even find out the sex, months before the birth. I never knew the sex ahead of time. What we did, like so many others, was choose names for a girl and a boy. Then repeated the name over and over, to decide if it really did sound good! Even after the birth--most hospitals--don't require name until just before you go home. People! Please! Give lots of thought to what you name your babies. Most people seem to give more thought to the kind of car they drive!! Once you have chosen the name you like, don't ?worry about what other people name their children. How often are you all going to be together?

Panda... PandaPop83

Worst things could happen, I suppose. But I think it's okay as long as the name is changed before the child reaches a certain age. 2 maybe? I haven't found a name I disliked later, but if I had I'd just either give them a nickname or call them by their middle name.

nonmember avatar tedpix

The most important consideration in naming the baby is that it's NOT ABOUT YOU, THE PARENT! If you need to express your creativity, buy an artist's paint set.

Robert Mcnutt

Only Indians and fictional characters have my kids names so I am pretty set.

Katharina Putnam

I wouldn't change my daughter's name. It is much more common than I thought, but I love it the same. Her middle name I always loved, and just happened to be my MIL's first name, which is something my brother started with his first daughter, giving her my mom's first name as her middle. Our son's name (if we have one) was picked out in the very beginning, with no thinking needed. He will take my husband's brother's middle name as his first, and my dad's middle name as his middle. If we have another girl, she will have a name close but not sound alike to her sister, with my God Daughter's middle name as her middle name. I believe names are very important, and I couldn't see naming my children something unfitting or inappropriate, but if someone does, I hope they do change it.

nonmember avatar Dorothy Goebel

Sorry to say I grew up with a name I hate. I was named for my mother and the combination of her (very old fashioned)name and my maiden name set me up for a ton of harassment from my schoolmates. Trust me, it was not a character builder. Closing in on fifty with a well slightly intolerant attitude towards children carrying monikers that leave them open to a lifetime of torture, I see nothing wrong with this practice. When I was a child I wanted to change my own name but back then certain teachers wouldn't allow a child to be called by anything other than their given name.

nonmember avatar Zuzax

I knew a woman named "Monica" who changed her name. Kinda dumb. But if my name was "Saddam" or "Osama" or "Rush" I'd change it in a heartbeat!

nonmember avatar Zuri

This just feels weird to me. If the kid is only a few months old, you may be able to get away with it, but to change a school-age kid's name is just... strange. How do you explain that one? If the kid grows up and doesn't like their name, they can always go by their middle name. I know a few kids who have done that, including one girl who had been waging an unsuccessful crusade since her first name became associated with death and destruction. (Too late for her.)
Anyway, this really shouldn't be treated like a disposable decision. Unless you want to go through all that trouble, the child is stuck with that name for the rest of their life.

Ummwi... Ummwilliam

if your name is hashtag, yes...

Marti Bowker

why is it that there is always that sentence saying"there are a lot more important  issues to worry about" when the article is written about a really non-important issue in the first place.  name your kid what you please but remember he will have the right to change it later.  I always hated the name I was given(my greatgrandmother's name) but never bothered to legally change it, now I don't care and just go by my ickname.

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