New Baby Name Trend Is Totally Inappropriate

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name tagYou know all of that stressing, negotiating, and pondering you've been doing to pick out just the perfect baby name. Well, relax. If you don't like it, you can always change it down the line. Or at least that's what more and more parents seem to be doing when they get a big case of baby name regret.

We've known for awhile that plenty of parents end up disliking the baby name they once chose. It's not surprising I suppose, as we change our minds about all sorts of things. And when the name you thought was so unique is suddenly everywhere, or you meet a horrible person with the same name and can't shake the association, it can happen. Most people get over it, while other people just change their kid's name. Oh yes, it's happening -- more than you might think.

Some people do it via "common usage," which means calling a child by another name. I've actually known several people who have done that either with nicknames or by using a middle name as the first name when the originally intended name just didn't seem to fit. But others go the full legal route. It's not easy and will usually need to involve an attorney and some fees you'll have to pay, but it can be done if you're determined.

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I don't have stats for the United States, but according to an article in the Daily Record, in Scotland the number of people changing their first name is going up. Last year 3,221 first names were changed, including those of 311 children under age 2 and 1,129 under the age of 16. That's a lot of name changes.

While I suppose it's not the worst thing you can do, it does seem like an easy way out. A name is something we bestow on our children with the intention that it will be for life. To change it just seems fickle, and like a trend packed with problems. If you do it once, what's to stop you from changing your mind again? What about when your kid starts piping up and asking for another?

Names are supposed to be permanent. They're what identify us, and people come to know us by. But they're also just names, and there are a lot more important parenting issues to worry about than to spend time trying to perfect your child's name after the fact. Parents should put extra thought into them in the beginning and be prepared to live with them for life.

Would you ever consider changing your child's name? Do you think it's a good idea for parents to do so?


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Destiny Hall Lewis

Ummm no. I ended up giving my middle daughter 2 middle names just because I couldn't decide and hyphenated them. There are days I wish I hadn't, but I am not about to apply for a change.

tuffy... tuffymama

I agonized over my oldest son's name, because I have never felt my name suits me. My nitwit mother named me after a celebrity. Even my friends over the years have called me by various nicknames. Anyway, every name I picked out for my oldest was shut down by his father (that douchewad). Finally, I filled out the form in the hospital, and just wrote the name I wanted. His name fits him beautifully, it isn't a weird name but isn't common, and when I told him recently that his dad wanted to name him _____, he was aghast. Lol. Saved by Mama's determination!

tuffy... tuffymama

DH and I just agreed immediately on LO's name, because it's something we both had tucked in our hearts for a someday baby boy. I love it and would never change it.

Stephanie Caldwell

We named our 5 month old Josephine, and called her Josie from the start. We recently "changed" it to Joey because that's what our 2 year old calls her and it just stuck. Our friends and family though are having a difficult time with the change

handy... handy0318

My son changed his own name when he was about four.  His first name was very hard to pronounce, spell and was pretty ethnic... When we adopted him, we didn't change his name because he was already 3 1/2, but we did decide to change his middle name to his daddy's middle name, to give him a connection to our family.  Just so happens that the name is the same as a very popular animated tank engine and one day he just piped up, "I'm Thomas!"  He started insisting people call him Thomas, even he couldn't pronounce his original first name. Since things weren't finalized as yet, when it came time to fill out the new birth certificate, we changed his first name to Thomas and his original first name is now his middle name.  He just preferred it that way, otherwise we wouldn't have changed it.

jombmomi jombmomi

My youngest son has always gone by his middle name. Nobody except the clinic calls him by his first name and at 15 months he doesnt respond to it. I like the name but he has gone by his middle name. The first name also stands for his uncle. If when he is older he wants to go by his first name he is more than welcome to do so.

Laura K Ockelkorn

Author of this post is a jerk! It's not 'just a name' either. We chose the names for our son and daughter before birth. With our son it was perfect. With our daughter I felt like when she was born she didn't look like a Zoë but more like a Lucy or a Maggie. My husband still loved our original name and everyone said to keep it. We hadn't planned on this happening and even had her name engraved and embroidered on things.. so we left it. Here in The Netherlands you can't change the first name after you sign the paper. They ask you a few times if you're sure and that's it.

Our daughter's full name is Zoë Margaret Eliza. Margaret is a family name and so before she was a year old I still had regrets on the name so I started to call her Maggie. She is still Zoë but she responds just as much to Maggie. Your article implies this is bad parenting. How? How is it any different than a parent calling her kid honey boo boo? It's just a nickname! If it had been easier to change I may have done that.

Joyce Stafford

No, I won't be changing my kids name, I didn't give him a stupid one to begin with!

MumsToo MumsToo

Some people change names when they adopt a child. We changed both of our son's names. We didn't want their birth parents coming after them or trying to open up utility accounts in their names and ruining their credit before they're old enough to make that mistake on their own.

krisiehb krisiehb

So you change a childs name, how is it inappropriate.  I havent changed my childrens names but I don't see how its wrong if I would've chose to.  Way to many judgemental people in the world.

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