New Baby Name Trend Is Totally Inappropriate

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name tagYou know all of that stressing, negotiating, and pondering you've been doing to pick out just the perfect baby name. Well, relax. If you don't like it, you can always change it down the line. Or at least that's what more and more parents seem to be doing when they get a big case of baby name regret.

We've known for awhile that plenty of parents end up disliking the baby name they once chose. It's not surprising I suppose, as we change our minds about all sorts of things. And when the name you thought was so unique is suddenly everywhere, or you meet a horrible person with the same name and can't shake the association, it can happen. Most people get over it, while other people just change their kid's name. Oh yes, it's happening -- more than you might think.

Some people do it via "common usage," which means calling a child by another name. I've actually known several people who have done that either with nicknames or by using a middle name as the first name when the originally intended name just didn't seem to fit. But others go the full legal route. It's not easy and will usually need to involve an attorney and some fees you'll have to pay, but it can be done if you're determined.

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I don't have stats for the United States, but according to an article in the Daily Record, in Scotland the number of people changing their first name is going up. Last year 3,221 first names were changed, including those of 311 children under age 2 and 1,129 under the age of 16. That's a lot of name changes.

While I suppose it's not the worst thing you can do, it does seem like an easy way out. A name is something we bestow on our children with the intention that it will be for life. To change it just seems fickle, and like a trend packed with problems. If you do it once, what's to stop you from changing your mind again? What about when your kid starts piping up and asking for another?

Names are supposed to be permanent. They're what identify us, and people come to know us by. But they're also just names, and there are a lot more important parenting issues to worry about than to spend time trying to perfect your child's name after the fact. Parents should put extra thought into them in the beginning and be prepared to live with them for life.

Would you ever consider changing your child's name? Do you think it's a good idea for parents to do so?


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nonmember avatar CrystalMP

I've thought about changing my youngest sons middle name because it just doesn't seem to fit and because people mistake it as being ghetto or being "african american" in culture. Obviously thats not the words they use and it also makes me question what kind of people I'm friends with.....

ethan... ethans_momma06

I'm not a fan of anyone but the person themselves changing their name.

I love my sons name, but I admit that I was disappointed to find out that the name I picked for him that I thought was well-known but not "common"- was of course in the top 5 of boys names for YEARS. I believe it was 2 years after the name climbed to the top that I had him. FIrst time mom- I never imagined it would be up there OR that there was even a list to check!

Still, I love his name and wouldn't ever change it. :)

nonmember avatar Bear

I think that if you make a mistake, you should fix it. If you named your kid Kwyjibo and now realize it was a bad idea, you should fix it. The younger the kid is, the better.

nonmember avatar HS

I don't know about other states or whether changing a first name is harder than a last name, but it wasn't hard for me here in VA to change my son's last name when he turned 2. I paid a court fee that was less than 50 dollars, filled out a form, and they sent me a letter with the judge's signature making it his new legal last name. I keep reading articles abt how hard it is to change a child's name but that wasn't my experience. I also don't see why it's a problem. Humans are allowed to change their minds. I would hardly consider it "inappropriate". Lots of really judgey negative articles on the stir today :(

cleig... cleigh717

Hmm . . . Maybe I should change my name too. It is trending...

nonmember avatar Maya

I have a friend who made her daughters first name her last name. A couplr months doen the road the dad decided he wanted nothing to do with the child and relinquished his rights to the baby who had his last name so instead of the baby being named after a man who didnt want her, the mom changed gave the baby her last name and changed her first name so the baby wouldnt have the same first and last name. So although the numbers may appear to be a lot, you don't really know why the names were changed. Another possibility is adoption. Parents often change the name of the child once they adopt them.

Coles... Coles_mom

I am not ultimately happy with my oldest son's first name...we had one we loved picked up, but were given a hard time about it because some family friends had used the name with a baby born shortly before ours. I wish we'd just have used it. I wouldn't go to the degree of changing it now- he's almost 7. Also, we had another son 6 months ago and we used the name we loved then. Still given a hard time about it (its fairly uncommon).

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

With some of the crazy names I've seen, I kind of wish more parents would exercise a little judgement and regret and give their child a proper name. Clebho is not a proper name. Charles is.

nonmember avatar Kayla

hopefully mixed in with those were parents who used unnecessary y's and e's and they changed them to make them actually sound like names an adult human could have.
also there could be plenty of last name changes due to adoptions after marriage, especially for those 'under 16'.

nonmember avatar Monet

I changed my oldest boys name 24 years ago when he was less than a year old. My son who is now 24 said he's glad his Father and I did it because he HATED that name. He has told us if we had not changed it he would have done it so we saved him time.
Our names become our Identities so they are important and should be made with care. We were being pressured to name him after a relative and the name was veryethnic, hard to pronounce, and we just didn't care for it. We should have stuck up for ourselves and named him what we wanted to from the beginning. Input from friends and relatives is great...but no one should be guilted into making that decision for their own baby. I'm glad we changed it, my son is glad, and the name just suits him to a Tee :)

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