Kim Kardashian's Latest Pregnancy Craving Is Beyond Unhealthy

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kim kardashianI don't want to blow your mind or anything and I certainly don't want to send you into cardiac arrest, but big news on the Kim Kardashian baby bump front -- the reality star is indulging in some serious junk food. Junk food? Junk food. I know what you're thinking, and yes, Kim did say that her pregnancy cravings so far included healthy things like celery, carrots, and artichokes. So what's this business about her eating a McGriddle from McDonald's?

Guhhhh. How dare she.

Kim shared a delicious picture of her naughty, eggy, syrupy, sausagey, carby McGriddle on Instagram and captioned the photo, "Just one bite. #McGriddle #MyFave."

Let's see ... a pregnant woman eating one of the most unhealthy items on the menu at one of the most unhealthy restaurants in the world is just asking to be judged, right? The McGriddle breakfast sandwich has a nutrition rating of a D- and contains about 420 calories and over a third of your recommended daily fat intake. What was Kim thinking?

She was probably thinking, mmm, damn, that smell good, me want, and just went for it. And good for her. A little junk food now and again won't kill anyone. Glad to see she's living a little and enjoying some of the tastiest grease God put on this earth.

And as long as she doesn't get out of control, like Jessica Simpson "allegedly" did, I'm sure Kim won't regret having some awesome junk food while expecting.

And, hey, if she does go overboard, I'm sure there'll be a company willing and able to pay her millions to make up for it.

Did you feel guilty about eating junk food while pregnant?


Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram

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Todd Vrancic

And sometimes it's just a matter of what a pregnant woman can hold down.  With our first, my wife would order hamburgers with lettuce, but without the meat for about a month into the pregnancy.  Meat made her very nauseous.  Please, people I am trying to be delicate.

nonmember avatar Michelle

HA! This made me giggle because the one time I ate McD's after I knew I was pregnant I have NEVER been so sick (no, not food poisoning!) hated it!!! Funny thing is, she still hates McD's!

cleig... cleigh717

I just can't bring myself to care that kim kardash has eaten mcdonalds. I just can't.

nonmember avatar Stacey

Who really cares!!! i know all of you can't say you ate nothing but healthy shit pregnant. My cravings were nothing but junk and fast food. Would eat a whole pack of oreos in one sitting, a whole bag of chedder and sour cream chips n mcdonalds chicken nuggets EVERY day..that's what i craved so that is what i ate..started at 109 lbs ended at 138. Leave the girl alone shes a whole what 4 months a damn mcdonalds breakfast sandwhich wont kill her sheesh!!

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

One pregnancy I ate mind-blowing quantities of grapefruit... the next, cheese filled hot dogs... the last was lemonade by the buckets. :-) Sometimes while you're pregnant- you just gotta do what you gotta do. :-)

coco_... coco_rose

For me it was a case of whatever stays down I will eat it junk food or not. Ive had two kids and was sick for the whole 9 months for both so if that meant cheeseburger than thats what it was

Samantha Ueno

I ate healthy during pregnancy, I had a few cookies or whatnot here and there, but all in moderation, and usually I swapped unhealthy cravings for healthy ones...if I wanted something sweet I made myself a smoothie with bananas and cacao powder or lots of fruit, if I wanted something salty I would go for kale chips or sweet potato fries.....If you put in a little effort you don't have to fill yourself and your baby with artificial processed junk. 

Blues... Blueshark77

I'm not a fan of hers by any means, but it's ridiculous to bash her over a breakfast sandwich. I've been lucky that I mostly crave fruit this pregnancy, but sometimes I do crave and have a burger or chicken nuggets or something else that might not be the best choice. I'm at 38 weeks now and gained 21 pounds. Obviously eating junk in moderation didn't make me pile on the pounds. And right now I'm totally craving a chicken sandwich so I am off to indulge. :)

Melissa List

All I ate was sugary junk my first trimester because it was the only thing my body didn't refuse! No guilt.

curly... curlygirl31

This is not that bad i dont think anyone will be able to top the nasty buttered pop tart thing.

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