Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant & That's Not All

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penelope cruzBeautiful baby-on-the-way alert: Penelope Cruz is pregnant! The beautiful 38-year-old actress and her beautiful husband, actor Javier Bardem, are expecting their second child (beautiful son Leo was born in 2011). That's gonna be one heck of a beautiful family!

A beautiful extended family, actually. Because Penelope isn't the only pregnant Cruz at the moment ...

The star's 35-year-old sister Monica will welcome her first baby later this year (she announced her pregnancy via an anonymous sperm donor in January). Oh my god. Can you imagine? Those are gonna be the prettiest playdates ever!

Seriously, though, I think it's awesome that Penelope and her sister will be preggers together. I don't have a sister, but I did have a couple of friends who were pregnant at the same time as me -- one of them even had her baby the same day I had my son, in the same hospital! And let me tell you, having someone to share the ups and downs and in-betweens of pregnancy with is as good as it gets, gestationally-speaking. Sure, non-pregnant friends and family can be supportive, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, best of luck to this pregnant pair! Congratulations Penelope and Monica (and Javier and Leo)!

Have you ever been pregnant at the same time as a sister or friend?


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MamaL... MamaLioness2012

A friend of mine got pregnant 3 months after me (each of us with our first), then my sister and my cousin both got pregnant 5 months after me (my sister with her second, my cousin with her third). So by the time my son was 5 months old he had 3 other babies scattered around (all within a two hour drive) to play with!

nonmember avatar Moi

Didn't know she had it in her

expat... expatalfa

Who knows why Monica didn't want her ex Yotuel to be her baby daddy. OK, maybe they're incompatible but holy that guy would make gorgeous kids....

nonmember avatar Michelle

Uh, lose the romantic notion on being pregnant as the same time as a sister sister was NUTS when she was pregnant. I never would have wanted to be pregnant at the same time as her!

roger... rogersmommy0306

My sister found out she was pregnant when she came home from her honeymoon, and I found out I was pregnant like a week later. We ended up having our babies 6 days apart. In all honesty--it was TERRIBLE being pregnant at the same time as her!! The kids are great and all, but there is constant, never-ending comparison between the two of them that drives me insane! I have a son and she has a daughter so when 1 baby hit a milestone before the other it was always a huge deal! Some of the milestones they were reaching are normally reached at different ages based on their genders (my son walked earlier than my niece and she had a larger vocabulary than he did). As far as I'm concerned, as long as both babies are reaching their milestones within the normal timeframe and neither are considered to be developmentally delayed then its all good......not with my family. I actually haven't seen my niece or sister since Christmas because I am just so sick of the comparisons I'd rather just avoid having them together in the first place! I am pregnant again and for the first trimester I held my breath waiting for her to say she was too (I know they have been trying just as long as we were) but thankfully she isn't yet. Ugh. Maybe with some sisters it is a wonderful experience (it may have been different if it was my other sister who was pregnant with me) but with mine it was certainly not a rainbow filled picnic for 4 and I would NOT recommend it to anyone who has a sister like mine!!

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