16 Strangest Pregnancy Dreams We've Ever Heard

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pregnant bellyAfter hearing that actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum is having some wild pregnancy dreams, I couldn't help but laugh and think to myself, "Oh honey, I've been there -- what you're experiencing is totally normal.

Jenna took to Twitter to ask for advice about her new found crazy dreams, which include "flying on a magic carpet while presenting at the Golden Globes."

Honestly, that doesn't sound too weird at all, considering the kind of dreams I had while preggo.

The wackiest pregnancy dream I can recall having is delivering my baby, which was a girl, and she was no bigger than the size of a mouse. She came out, I freaked out, but everyone in the room assured me she was totally normal. I then got up out of the hospital bed, put her in my pocket, and my husband and I went to the airport (though I forget where exactly we were heading).

We had a few drinks at the bar, and everyone was looking at me weird, and that's when I realized I still had my hospital gown on, which meant that I'd put the baby into an imaginary pocket. I started screaming, and we searched EVERYWHERE for her. And the next thing I knew, we were at the police station, and I was being handcuffed because I'd lost my baby. And then I woke up.

Strange right? Well, maybe not that strange. I asked around on Facebook and Twitter to see what other crazy pregnancy dreams people had had -- and there are some real doozies out there.

Here are 16 of the most bizarre pregnancy dreams you will ever hear.

  1. Last night I dreamt I was doing a triathlon with Giuliana Rancic and we became close friends. Did I mention I was five months pregnant doing this? Damn, I'm so athletic in my dreams.
  2. I dreamt that someone was trying to break into our house with a hammer so they could cut the baby out of me and steal it.
  3. My weirdest one (besides the sex dreams) was the dream I gave birth to my first child and she was a puppy. Only, I was the only one who could see she was a puppy. Everyone else saw her as a little girl. I was horrified and running through the hospital trying to find a doctor who could see her as a puppy and fix her. My husband kept saying, "What is wrong with you, she is beautiful!" LOL
  4. I dreamt that my baby came out as a Muppet ...
  5. I dreamt that me and my baby were falling in an endless dark pit and I couldn't catch her ... I had that dream twice ... scared the shit outta me.
  6. I swam in a bed of lettuce ... seriously ... a huge pool filled with iceberg lettuce!! Clearly I was deficient in something.
  7. Me, the baby, my husband, and my mom were all in my womb preparing the baby for delivery, explaining to her what would happen. Second weirdest was standing on the beach with a tsunami coming and walking to a palm tree, climbing up, holding on, and watching it come and all the destruction it caused, and me and the baby being just fine.
  8. In the '80s: dreamt we went camping with Boy George & we were all hankering Kool-Aid for some reason. Woke up in labor.
  9. Had a recurring dream that we couldn't name the baby because the doctor couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. Crazy!
  10. I wanted to see my baby so they took her out of my belly but left the cord connected & put her back in when I was done.
  11. I had one constantly where I birthed a plastic cupie doll who was like Rambo. The baby would kill us sometimes or start fires up and down the hallway. 
  12. I dreamed my husband cheated on me with ... his laptop.
  13. I used to dream about no longer being pregnant and not understanding why. I'd always wake up and reach for my tummy.
  14. In my dream I was pregnant, and a friend somehow convinced me to smoke weed. I kept protesting, but eventually, I said, "I guess it’ll be fine." Then, after I "smoked" and was high, I started FREAKING OUT. "Oh my god, what did I do?!" I kept thinking. "This was a terrible, terrible idea!" I was SO relieved when I woke up and realized it didn’t happen. 
  15. Yes, tons about losing the baby, meaning, "Where did I put it? I know it's here somewhere" ... or "Oh shit, that's right, I have a baby, now where did I put it?" And a very vivid one where I gave birth and it was my cat. I even nursed her.

WAIT -- I saved the best for last. Warning: Do not read any further if you're sipping any sort of beverage.

16. I had this dream early on in my pregnancy and it traumatized the shit out of me. I was somewhere with my mom. And I had my head on her lap, which was totally normal because I still loved doing that even at my age. It was a cool, caring dream because I was close to her.

Yeah um, so then I turn over, and she has a penis. And in my dream I don't think, "Holy shit what the fu&% is going on my mom's vagina is gone!!!" Oh no! I proceed to put it in my MOUTH!!!!! Let me repeat that again in case you didn't read the line the first time: I put my mom's penis in my mouth!!!!!!! How's that for a weird dream? The thing is that the dream wasn't like about sex. It was about me caring for her, which is freaky on a good day.

Can you top that? What was your weirdest pregnancy dream?


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kelti... kelticmom

I certainly can't top that last one! Disturbing to say the least. I dreamt that I had my son, and he didn't have a face. No eyes, mouth, etc. But I was the only one who could see it. Everyone else was saying he was perfect. Then I dreamt that I was holding him after he was born, and his head popped off, like a Barbie dolls. No blood, he was still breathing, and I just stuck it back on. That one still bothers me.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

I had a dream, where i was going to take a nap and when i opened the door Carl Edwards was in my bed completely naked and rock hard! Dh came up behind me, said "enjoy", kissed my cheek and left. Lol. I hated waking up from that one!

rayeo... rayeofmoonlight

The weirdest dream I had when I was pregnant with my son was that I gave birth to him and within a couple minutes he was walking around and talking. Then I went to get a drink of water and when I came back I couldn't find him. I eventually found him inside a mattress inexplicably propped up against the wall, totally fine and no longer walking or talking.

eupeptic eupeptic

I've been spiritual since 2006 and since 2008 I've been able to receive verbal communication from my spirit guide (everybody can communicate with spirits at any time just by having the mental intention of communicating with them; spirits rarely can communicate with us in the manner we desire, however, and the ways that they can communicate with us are often quite limited - such as through dreams as well as by "thought energy" [e.g., if something random pops into your mind that was likely via thought energy from your spirit guide]). Over the years I've asked him about what a number of dreams I've had mean or are relevant to (as his job is simply to be my guide he typically doesn't give me much information - it's often up to me to figure things out on my own) since most dreams are spiritually sourced. (If one acknowledges this then it allows the individual to more often receive the types of dreams that they are interested in having.) Most dreams I have aren't that important, but sometimes I'll want to know more about a situation or an individual and before bed I'll have the intent of having a dream that conveys information that will help me learn more and/or make a decision in the future and I often have one or more dreams during the night that are helpful to me.

eupeptic eupeptic

Reading the dreams shared here is quite interesting, and one thing I'd like to point out is that some of the dreams may be indicative of the kind of relationship that exists between the mother and the individual they will be raising. (Most parents share multiple incarnations [for example, I'm on my 73rd incarnation and the most incarnations I know I share with another individual is 6 which is little higher than average according to my understanding {5 shared incarnations is about average for mothers and children}] with the children they raise so there may be issues from one or more past lives that crop up in their current incarnation that the individuals would like to have another go at with the hope of resolving or improving things.) (And dreams are rarely meant to be interpreted literally to it's up to the individual to figure out what they may mean. Also, sometimes searching online for certain details that a dream was about may be helpful, but a precise meaning may not be described online as dreams aren't meant to convey specific meanings.)

The80s The80s

I had this drean where I was on a plane. It was only me the cundouctor (Charlie Brown) and a stewardress (Dora). Charlie was playing with a football and Dora kept saying 'Oh Fuck! The plane is crashing!' Then, to nobody in partulicular, she asked for everyone to help Mr.Air Plane to pull himself back up. It failed and we crashed. On a rainbow, Rainbow Brite was giggling.

mnm3boys mnm3boys

The weirdest dream I had was with my first born it happened around the time when he first started really kicking to the point where I could see his foot.  So I started having dreams of him kicking and hitting my stomach seeing his foot and hands until they became more prominent and then he proceeded to crawl out of my stomach and crawling around the room. Out of all of the dreams that one has stuck around since he was born over 10 years ago.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I always had good dreams about my daughter when i was pregnant, at least about the labor & delivery. I did have dreams of my baby being a curly haired blonde little boy with beautiful brown eyes (the same eyes as the man i wished it wouldve been his baby).. He was beautiful & i loved him very much. I wanted a girl, and got a girl, but that dream really broke my heart. The weird dreams came after i had her, i dreamed that while bf she became possessed like on the excorsist movies, and bit my boob & tried to kill me & her head would spin all the way around. .Idk why i had these dreams. I didnt have sucess breast feeding & felt horrible about it, but that didnt warrent a freaky dream about my newborn baby. She did have beady little eyes that scared me sometimes, but i used to stare & creep people out as well, so i handled it alright.

Mamaceda Mamaceda

My dream when I was pregnant with my daughter was I had the baby and it was a boy they handed him to me and he had crazy jagged shark teeth all over the roof of his mouth. I was so upset I wanted to give him up for adoption bc he was so hideous.

nonmember avatar Trinity

Im pregnant right now. Couple of days ago I have the weirdeist dream. My sister had gave birth to a girl, she gave it to me to give her a bath and when I saw her I was horrorized to see that she have two faces, one normal and another one in the back of the head. One face had blue eyes the other green eyes and thou she was still beautiful. My sister was asking me: isnt she gorgeous? and I didnt dare to mention the two faces, just said she have beautiful green and blue eyes. I took out her clothes and was in a shock to see she had LEGO legs!, yes! like the toys my other kids play with! And even her intimate parts were lego. The funny thing is that I wasnt scared about that one I remembered that in the dream I just thought: whaaaat?..Oh maybe they fall out (the lego parts) when she grows more. haha! Really weird.

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