Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby ‘Nip/Tuck’ Plan Makes Sense for a New Mom

kim kardashianIf you thought people were obsessed with Jessica Simpson's pregnancy pounds, just wait until Kim Kardashian starts to pack on the baby weight. Already people are joking about how much bigger her butt will get. So I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that she plans to take drastic measures to slim down right after delivery.


According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kim is likely already planning her post-baby nip and tuck. Since she has no idea how her body will change, it may seem like she's jumping the gun. But I get it. She is under a lot of pressure to look the part she has always played -- sexy, bodacious, bootilicious reality star. Can you imagine the cruel comments that would be lobbed at her if she walks the red carpet still carrying a bunch of weight after the baby is born? Just look at how poor Jessica was mercilessly ridiculed. It's almost a can't-win situation for these moms. We expect these stars to looks perfect and then we criticize them for going to extremes to do just that.

Besides, lots of women -- not just celebs -- actually do this. Post-baby lipo is big business. (Doctors just recommend waiting a few months after delivery). I bet many more new moms probably would opt to get rid of that dreaded pregnancy pooch fast if they could afford it. Now that I've actually had a child and realize how frickin' hard it is to lose that baby weight the “right way,” I’d even consider it!

Would you get consider getting lipo to get rid of baby weight?


Image via Hollywood_PR/Flickr

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