Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Pick a 'Normal' Baby Name (VIDEO)

Wiz Khalifa and Amber RoseAs Amber Rose and her stretch-mark-free stomach round the corner into the final stretch of pregnancy, everyone is watching and waiting for the arrival of her son. And, of course, with a dad named Wiz Khalifa, one of the big questions is what in the heck are they going to name this little guy.

This week Amber and Wiz said that they already have a fantastic name picked out. Actually they have two picked out -- a formal name and rapper nickname, because of course, he needs one of those. So what are they?


Unfortunately they haven't revealed the actual name quite yet, but they did give some pretty big hints during a radio interview this week. They said it's a "normal" name but "not common", which ... I'm not sure anyone ever thinks their kid's name is abnormal. So it could definitely be a doozy. Amber said, "It's a total boss name for a boy." Which could be ... anything.

Cameron would be cool, as that's Wiz's real name; or his middle name could work as a first name too -- Jibril. I'm just hoping he doesn't try to weave his love of dope into the kid's name, like Cannabis or something. Of course, it's their kid, and their right to bestow the name, but this is one I'm dying (and bracing a little) to hear. I think "normal" could end up being relative when it comes to this eccentric couple.

In general, however, they seem over-the-moon excited to meet the little guy. Wiz says he's staying in town for the time being so he doesn't miss the big event, and he's even planning to deliver the baby himself. Don't worry, a midwife will be there too in their home, but they seem prepared and ready to take on their new role as parents with a completely hands-on approach.

What do you think Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa should name their baby?


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