Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Craving Is Truly Bizarre

kim kardashian

You knew it was only a matter of time until we started hearing about Kim Kardashian's krazy pregnancy kravings, right? I mean, the public is let in on every celeb mama-to-be's cravings. And this is Kim we're talking about. Of course we're going to know what she's making Kanye run out for in the middle of the night.

I have to say -- I'm genuinely surprised. Shocked, actually. I've never heard of a single pregnant woman crave this.

According to Kris Jenner, Kim apparently has hankerings for the following: "Giant cookie from BJ's; French fries; Chinese chicken salad; and artichokes."


That's a new one. I can honestly say that after having been pregnant myself, and having written about countless celeb pregnancy cravings (hide your eyes, English professors!), I have never heard of a single woman craving artichokes. Actually, I've never heard of a single person craving artichokes period -- pregnant or not. Although ... weirdly, right now, I kind of want one. Jesus, Kim really can market anything!

I'm thinking it's probably a specific artichoke Kim's wanting. Most likely one from some restaurant she went to, or some recipe her mom used to make, because just straight up craving an artichoke is odd. Although I did crave grapefruits constantly when I was pregnant. And Jessica Simpson did crave buttered everything Pop Tarts. So I guess whatever the body wants, it wants.

I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we'll be hearing about Kim's cravings. As anyone who's been pregnant knows, cravings change with time. But artichokes as a start? I like it.

What did you crave when pregnant?


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lynds... lyndsey.akley

This will sound harsh, but I think that pregnancy cravings are a bunch of balony.  Yes, there are medical related ones (Pica and such) but for the most part, a lot of women use pregnancy to eat wierd things with a "normal" excuse.  Say what you'd like, but there is no way the baby is MAKING you eat chocolate covered pickles with a side of mustard. I'm pregnant right now, so I'm not speaking out of line here.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I ate a lot of grapes and cottage cheese not at the same time though one time I ate a slim jim while dipping it in chocolate ice cream

LilMr... LilMrs224

The whole first 4 months of my pregnacy All i wanted was fruits and veggies !!! I couldnt get enough now I am def more for carbs...  chips, pasta, ect... nothing super weird just every once in awhile i will smell something.. sometimes not food item and i want to taste it sooo bad but i havent let myself actually lick the marker that i think smells so yummy haha btw I am 32 weeks along

MyToe MyToe

Makes more sense than Alyssa Milano craving broccoli.

nonmember avatar Bear

I'm not pregnant, but I get artichoke cravings often. I eat them for lunch several times a week.

Amanda Thomas

Am I the only one who only eats poptarts buttered? 


But besides that, when i was pregnant the only thing I really "craved" was healthy stuff.  Lettuce, carrots, bananas, almonds.  Nothing to "crazy" here.

nonmember avatar Karen

I adore artichokes - once they're in season I buy them constantly! MMmmmmm, delicious. My favorite way is just boiled with some salted butter... Man, now I really want one! And I'm 15 weeks pregnant, so technically, there you go, another pregnant lady craving artichokes.

linzemae linzemae

i wanted salty stuff in the beginning. now, im more chocolate. through the whole pregnancy so far i want gummy things. jelly beans, gummy bears...

Kimbyann Kimbyann

No Amanda, my best friend does that often.

And the Jessica Simpson jokes kinda piss me off

DeAnn Ranzy

@MyToe I craved Broccoli my entire pregnancy. I had to stop eating it, the fiber caused UNBEARABLE gas! Due in a few days and I can't wait to eat a huge bowl.

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